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Škoda Revs Up Rich Media in Spain

Posted on August 29, 2012
By Mital Goel

What better way to accelerate your brand awareness than through rich media? By using it to create an immersive and entertaining experience, consumers can really get up close and personal with brands. recent example is our ad of the month for August. kodwanted to introduce young new drivers and raise awareness of its kodCitigo. Since us young drivers generally look at the appearance of the vehicle as priority, our in-house rich medicreative services team built the ad to to focus on the wide variety of vibrant colour options that are available for the vehicle. tactical and slickly styled navigation areallows for quick and easy user jumps to browse the interior features of the car, through panable, user controlled slideshow. To further engage consumers, short video was playable (only on mobile devices) from anywhere within the ad, providing more detailed information on the pricing of the model. This highly interactive and uniquely mobile ad gave young drivers in Spain fun and engaging first impression of the kodCitiGo. Check Out the Ad To keep up to date with InMobi's EMEnews, sign up now!

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