Multi-Screening: The Who, What, and When for Marketers

Posted on May 23, 2013
By Shamala DN

All signs point to mobile technology contributing to the evolving ways in which people interact with the television viewing experience, both in terms of programming and ads. Increasingly, TV viewers are engaging with visual content across a variety of screens such as smartphones and tablets, leading to the phenomenon of the multi-screen viewing experience. The main reasons for the growth in multi-screen viewing are due to:

  • The explosive growth in mobile usage
  • Increase in dual-screen activity and multitasking
  • Increasing acceptance of mobile advertising and purchasing

In short, to succeed in the multi-screen arena, marketers must develop a multi-layered approach to content distribution that enables interactive engagement across devices and makes it a relevant and easily accessible experience.

It is all about winning with Mobile in a Multi-Screen World.

InMobi has released a white paper, which describes these reasons, and how marketers can exploit the full potential of multi-screen viewing experience. As always, tweets, comments and readership are welcome. We look forward to hearing your feedback. The whitepaper can be found at InMobi will also be conducting a webinar discussing the results. Register for this FREE webinar at: