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Notes From Barcelona

Piyush Shah
Chief Product Officer
5 min read
Posted on February 28, 2014

It’s the start of a new year and I personally love kicking things off with our splash at the crazy, action-packed Mobile World Congress. It was clearly our biggest one ever, in terms of the number of products we launched leading up to the show, the number of successful meetings and the noise we created.

Very excited that we headed into MWC riding a wave of successful product launches. We started the year by launching our Native Ads platform. Having on-boarded a bunch of premium publishers and global app developers across the East and West (high five team!), I am amazed yet again how the platform simplifies the experience of showing ad units that are seamlessly a part of an app’s core look and feel. And the platform accomplishes this, at a very large scale, without compromising on simplicity.

This was followed by our Video Ads launch that garnered us rave reviews and is being lapped up equally by our brand and developer customers. The teams have done a phenomenal job in up leveling the conversation around video ads by creating some stellar “advanced formats” that are great rut-busters.

Finally, at MWC, we also announced two more products. The first one, our new Episodic Learning platform, that has been conceptualized for brand customers who may be struggling with consumer targeting. While advertisers are used to developing campaigns for personas, InMobi is going to force them to think differently now!

Also announced was our Commerce platform, a foray into a very interesting segment of business, outside our staple mobile advertising, that promises to help consumers like you and me discover products more easily, and thereby also provides merchants with an alternate route to showcasing their catalog outside of their own native stores and apps. Super cool stuff, if I say so myself! Stay tuned for more!

I am personally very excited about the outcome of all my meetings with several top brands, agencies, large developers and studios at MWC and showcasing our products and plan for 2014 with them. I also enjoyed my interactions with our ecosystem partners to discuss pressing issues around analytics, programmatic buying and supply-side platforms.

Would love to know what your plans for 2014 are and how InMobi and our stable of products can help you attain your goals for the year!

About the Author

Piyush Shah is InMobi's Chief Product Officer responsible for the overall vision, strategy and direction for the InMobi product portfolio. Previously he was InMobi’s VP and GM for Performance Advertising and Developer Platforms.

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