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InMobi + Meetrics: Strengthening Our Commitment to Viewability

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on June 23, 2020
InMobi + Meetrics: Strengthening Our Commitment to Viewability

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Meetrics to offer more advertisers the transparency required to trust ad delivery data. With this new partnership, we are taking another step forward in strengthening our commitment towards measurement and verification of ad effectiveness.

As content consumption behavior and advertiser ad budgets increasingly shift to digital channels like mobile, viewability as a measure of ad effectiveness has evolved from something that’s nice to have but hard to measure into a necessity. Independent ad viewability verification is now integral to any mobile in-app campaign. Meetrics is one of the first measurement vendors to be certified by the Media Rating Council for the measurement of display and video ad viewable impressions. This partnership opens opportunity for all our demand partners in Europe and across the globe to strengthen viewability measurement and optimize media spends with a trusted partner.

The addition of Meetrics to our panel of leading viewability measurement partners also reinforces transparency on the reach and the impact we deliver for our advertisers through InMobi Exchange. With this new partnership, our demand partners now have more choice in determining which of the many leading measurement partners InMobi works with they want to leverage for their in-app advertising campaigns.

Demand partners running campaigns on InMobi Exchange can now simply choose to measure their ad viewability via Meetrics. Alternatively, advertisers can also get started by appending Open Measurement SDK-enabled tags from Meetrics to their creatives.

“Our partnership with Meetrics to support viewability on OM SDK in-app supply is a reflection of our continued efforts on providing trust and transparency to our customers. We look forward to working with Meetrics to help customers reach their viewability measurement goals at scale,” says Saurav Dutta, Head of Ecosystem Development and Product Partnerships for InMobi.

“We are happy to pioneer with InMobi in mobile marketing and advance quality and transparency on the market,” remarked Manuel Koubek, Commercial Director at Meetrics. “The consumption of mobile media is growing by the day which is why issues such as the measurability and transparency of the resulting ad space is more important than ever.”

Trust and transparency are core to the foundation of InMobi Exchange. InMobi will continue to invest in measurement and safety partnerships to strengthen and safeguard brand safety, inventory quality and viewability for all our advertising partners. You will continue to hear from us as we roll out more such partnerships across the globe.

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