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Mobile Number Portability - An Advertiser's Guide

Shringar Pangal
Shringar Pangal
Senior Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on February 14, 2011
Mobile Number Portability - An Advertiser's Guide

The latest buzzwords in the Indian telecom industry are clearly MNP and 3G. While both technologies have been available in other markets around the globe for a while now, they are now just entering the Indian market and already promise to show spectacular results. A recent survey by Aegis Consult- ing and Research shows that Indians have been waiting for this feature and have much to gain with the launch of MNP.

This whitepaper covers MNP or Mobile Number Portability and what this means to the operator market in terms of advertising opportunities. While there are other whitepapers covering the technical aspects of MNP, this whitepaper is focused on the advertising aspect that MNP brings into the picture. Topics covered in this whitepaper are

  • What is MNP
  • Life before and after the launch of MNP
  • MNP in India
  • Operator mobile advertising strategies with MNP
  • A few tips on how to utilize the mobile channel to leverage MNP advertising

To read all this, download our whitepaper http://www.inmobi.com/research/whitepapers/ Also keep a lookout for more whitepapers from InMobi covering various topics across the realm of .

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