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The Chinese Mobile Media Consumption - An Overview

Varun K Ramachandra
Varun K Ramachandra
5 min read
Posted on January 07, 2013
The Chinese Mobile Media Consumption - An Overview

The second wave of our mobile media consumption study comes at an opportune time when Chinas mobile penetration is almost at one billion[1] and the mobile internet users number is set to reach 424 million in 2012[2]. This article gives a snippet of our study conducted between September-November 2012 across China and was a joint exercise between InMobi and Decision Fuel. One of the most pleasant results of our survey was the sheer quantum of media consumption that happens on mobiles and tablets in China; Needless to say we are all excited!

Question: In a typical day, approximately how much time do you spend on each media? n=2001

The Chinese mobile web user consumes a whopping 163 minutes of media on mobile and tablets each day. This naturally means that there is immense multi-device media consumption that is happening as we speak. This can only mean good news for marketers as it gives us more eye balls to cater to and a great opportunity of being heard and being interacted with.

Question: For mobile activities like surfing the web (excludes calls and SMS), do you typically use your mobile when? n=2001

We believe that the mobile is always there and hence we use it for communication, entertainment, gaming, news, social media and much more. More than a half of Chinese mobile web users we surveyed agree with us on this and use their devices while lying on bed, while commuting, during a social event, during a meeting, while shopping, when waiting for something (or someone) and also while in the bathroom! Mobile is already a key element of the users purchase decision funnel and our survey, which comprised of near equal male and female representation, further reinforced this fact. Ad recognition is higher on apps and users are already comfortable with mobile advertising (when compared to traditional media). The impact of mobile advertising at such an early stage of mobile evolution is staggering and we are all looking forward to referring Mobile as “traditional” media in the coming years. Stay tuned for more on our Insights page.

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