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Ad Monetization Partnership for Mobile Web Supply

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
2 min read
Posted on March 01, 2021
Ad Monetization Partnership for Mobile Web Supply

Apps and mobile web are the building blocks of the mobile ecosystem, and both serve the mobile users well, in their own way. For instance, users browsing for content or searching for answers normally visit the web as it tends to be simple and fast due to its inherent linking structure and search functionality, but the same users turn to apps for a better user experience on an ongoing basis. This interchangeable use of apps and mobile web is driving a billion-dollar ad industry that both in-app advertisers and publishers are keen on exploring.   

With many mobile advertisers keen on creating a holistic strategy to reach consumers across multiple environments and devices, InMobi started supported mobile web to:  

  • Enable advertisers to target users across mobile apps and mobile websites via Universal IDs and cross-device graph capabilities.

  • Bring all the creative goodness of mobile in-app into the mobile web.   

  • Bring all the audiences we create using our in-app SDK into the mobile web.   

  • Enable measurement across web and app with partnerships.  

While our mobile web expansion will help advertisers, we have also built a single robust platform for our publisher partners to help them monetize their web and in-app inventory in one go. Publishers can get the same level of ad control and analytics from us for their mobile websites as they currently get for their applications. Moreover, we have a dedicated customer support team to assist mobile web publishers to integrate with InMobi Exchange and address any concerns.   

Publishers can monetize display, video and native ad formats, while leveraging InMobi’s cross-platform measurement strategies and cookieless solutions to get higher rates for their inventory. If you work with alternative identifiers, we encourage you to pass them in the bid requests to maximize your eCPMs .  

InMobi’s bidder  for mobile web is readily accessible on Amazon TAM, Prebid and Google Open Bidding platforms.   

If you would like to know more about our mobile web integrations and offerings, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to the Product Marketing Team at InMobi. 


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