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How the Right SDK Can Supercharge Success for Developers and Advertisers

Saurav Dutta
Saurav Dutta
7 min read
Posted on July 20, 2022
How the Right SDK Can Supercharge Success for Developers and Advertisers

As the mobile ad tech industry continues to create innovative and future-proofed ways of offsetting the effects of Apple's ATT framework and preparing for Google’s upcoming Privacy Sandbox, today’s app developers and advertisers are under increasing pressure. From both sides of the ad tech ecosystem, they are respectively tasked with respecting consumer privacy preferences while also maximizing creative ad experiences, increasing measurability, and maintaining addressability to increase ad revenue.  

The answer to the above riddle is to have an innovative mobile marketing software developer kit (SDK) that can help both parties anticipate industry challenges, navigate today’s privacy-first world, and that empowers them with more than just average SDK monetization, audience engagement, and measurement capabilities.  

Introducing The InMobi SDK   

The InMobi SDK is lightweight, easy to install and use, and delivers unrivalled performance with a near-zero crash rate. It gives app developers more consistency and stability, a safer way to collect data signals, easier deployment of ad formats, and a reliable future-proofed privacy solution. For advertisers, the InMobi SDK provides superior ad experiences that don’t detract from the in-app experience, greater control over ad creative, and our IAB SDK certification ensures more accurate tracking and measurement.   

Big Results and Broad Integration 

As of today, close to 25,000 apps have already integrated the InMobi SDK, generating 2.5 trillion monthly ad requests on 2 billion unique users globally, with the prime intent to plan and execute their mobile monetization strategies. 

The InMobi SDK is now certified on all major platforms, including AppLovin, IronSource, Fyber, and Google AdMob. App publishers can now simply integrate the latest mediation SDK and its set of adapters, and this automatically updates their app with the latest InMobi SDK. 

The InMobi Flywheel Effect 

Over the past few months and years, we’ve made constant investments to make our SDK more robust and stable. All these capabilities help generate what we call the InMobi SDK flywheel effect. When the SDK innovates and solves for monetization and beyond for app developers, advertisers similarly reap the benefits of our innovation to solve for their own needs. Our SDK innovations enable them to scale their mobile investments, which in turn empowers the SDK to innovate and evolve.  

This is how our SDK tree expands to serve both app developers and advertisers: 

SDK tree

Here’s How Our SDK Works: 

For App Developers: 

  • Monetization+ – Supercharge the success of your app by unlocking our addressability solutions, superior ad experiences, client-side measurement capabilities, and more, all powered by our super lean SDK.  
  • Demand diversity – This is a direct example of the SDK flywheel effect. The stability and robustness of the SDK ensures that we have a very healthy diversity of brand and performance media flow, in addition to a well-diversified open and private exchange media flow. This means that historically strong periods like Q4 are especially robust, and that app developers see ample demand even during historically quieter periods like Q1.  
  • UnifID – This is an industry-first identity solution built for app developers and powered by the InMobi SDK to simplify addressability. It accelerates an app’s monetization journey by enabling them to integrate with multiple universal ID vendors in just a few clicks. One of our publisher partners, TextNow, has seen its eCPM increase by 146% for native ads and 35% for banner ads after implementing UnifID. Read more here and here.
  • Future-proofing your monetization – This is another direct example of the SDK flywheel effect. In this uncertain world where platform and regulatory changes happen at an increasingly rapid pace, our SDK is in a unique position with its presence and capabilities to offset any impact that these changes bring. As examples, two future-proofing addressability tracks we’re working on include the following: 

    • On-device targeting, which will enable partners to run targeting on the client-side versus on the server side in a way that fully respects user privacy. 

    • Cohorts, such as sourcing/processing/storing/refreshing interest-based or behavior-based cohorts on the client-side in a privacy-first way.

  • New sources of revenue (#InMobiBeyondBanners) – Here's yet another direct example of the SDK flywheel effect. Our SDK has the ability to light up new and unconventional formats and then scale them. A few examples we’re working on:                                                                                                                                       
    • ​Swish – A ground-breaking new real estate offering for monetization on Android phones. I can't say any more at this time, so stay tuned!   
    • Ad Pods and Rewarded Video – Think of a series of ads as seen in OTT video streaming environments, now think about that same series of ads on in-app video slots where only one video ad was running until now. That’s Ad Pods for you. We’ve also pumped up the Rewarded Video proposition with many features to make it truly rewarding, including the ability to customize ad duration, close delays, skip delays, add rewarded playable, dynamic video orientation, mixed ad pods, eight customized templates, and more coming soon to cater to user engagement needs and overall performance.  

For DSPs:

  • Maximum access – We’ve seen tremendous growth of direct in-app header bidding supply powered by our SDK. This ensures that advertisers get the first look at inventory in a first-price setup. They can take what and how much they want at the price that works and the power multiplies when combined with one or more points below.  
  • Accurate signals – Our SDK captures cleaner and more accurate signals at scale. These signals, when consumed by the bidder and processed by machine learning algorithms in the right way, do wonders to improve return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).  
  • Seamless rendering – Our SDK ensures the seamless rendering of creatives. While a conventional banner is easy, advertisers will appreciate this capability when you think about a video ad with an end card playing buffer-free the entire time during the video and then triggering seamless interactions with the user through the end card. Besides providing a better user experience, seamless rendering results in better measurement, better attribution, better KPIs, and better ROAS. 
  • Future-proofing your scale – This is a direct example of the SDK flywheel effect. Our impeccable focus on in-app, along with the SDK's presence and robustness, empower innovation on the app developer side and advertisers reap the benefit. So, when developments and improvements like on-device targeting and user cohorts go live, advertiser targeting capabilities get new armor, and you never lose scale to run at full speed. Also, your canvas gets bigger and your scale tops up when new real estate like Swish and Ad Pods get enabled in the mobile environment.    

For Advertisers:

On top of the benefits for DSPs that are automatically applicable for all advertisers, the InMobi SDK enables you to:   

  • Always be close to your customers – The gap between you and your mobile customers (existing or new) will always be minimized, irrespective of the changes happening in the industry or whether you’re running programmatic in-house or through an agency trading desk. 
  • Better creative – You will never compromise on your messaging or narrative – or bringing “aha” moments for your mobile users because the InMobi SDK gives you super-powers to innovate on creatives.     

The Future of Mobile Ad Tech  

It’s a competitive mobile app marketplace and app publishers and advertisers need more capabilities than a standard SDK can provide. At InMobi, we’re dedicated to empowering app developers to become successful entrepreneurs and for marketers to help build successful careers by delivering high impact results. That’s why – both in this blog post and in the larger resource center where it sits – we have brought together the most helpful, educational, and inspirational resources to power both parties along their respective journeys. 

I’m very excited about how the InMobi SDK will play a significant role in shaping the future of mobile ad tech, and I look forward to sharing more updates with you on this topic in the next few months.  

Download the InMobi SDK today to get started. 

To learn more, check out our latest SDK video. 

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