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InMobi Displays Mobile Excellence with 7 Key Wins at Mob-Ex Awards 2022

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on September 18, 2022
InMobi Displays Mobile Excellence with 7 Key Wins at Mob-Ex Awards 2022

Mobile reigns the throne as the device that drives real impact in the world of shorter attention spans. And Mob-Ex awards recognize the potential of marketers and agencies that have not only successfully driven business impact on mobile but also made a lasting mark in the minds of consumers with exceptional campaigns. InMobi has been leading the path for marketers with its strong mobile expertise and continuous innovation. Here are a few 'out-of-the-box' campaigns that have won over the hearts of smartphone users and the esteemed jury of the Mob-Ex Awards 2022, held in Singapore.  

Campaign #1: Paddle Pop thrills parents and kids with the "Choco Magma Land" Treasure Hunt  

Award Wins: 

  1. Best Direct to Consumer Campaign – Silver Award 
  2. Best Original Content – Silver Award 

(Also nominated for the categories: 1. Best Use of Interactive Media / AR & VR, 2. Best Use of Video, 3. Most Innovative Use of Mobile, 4. Industry Specific Use of Mobile: Food & Beverage) 

best ad campaigns 2022

The campaign focuses on the relaunch of Paddle Pop's popular chocolate ice-cream variant – the' Choco Magma' in Indonesia. As an aim to drive product consumption by creating a fun and engaging activity before the relaunch, Paddle Pop encouraged parents to participate in the activity with their children to cultivate healthy snacking habits among them. The Choco Magma Land game successfully engaged them as they spent 1:02 minutes on average per experience, with the CTR beating the industry average by 6%.   

Read the complete success story here

Campaign #2: Wyeth Nutrition leverages InMobi for commerce to grow in-store purchases  

Award Wins: 

  1. Best Location-Based Marketing – Silver award 

(Also nominated for the categories: 1. Best COVID-19 Response, 2. Best Insights-Driven Mobile Campaign, 3. Best Mobile Campaign for a Specific Audience, 4. Industry Specific Use of Mobile: Health & Wellness) 

digital ad campaigns

The campaign stands by the brand's mission of #NurturingTheExceptional as growing toddlers are curious and imaginative and often start learning early on. Wyeth Nutrition decided to provide 'role-play learning' to feed their imagination by providing a free doctor kit on the purchase of Wyeth S-26 Procal Gold. To drive strong purchase intent for the product, the brand needed to spread awareness in an engaging fashion. Hence, Wyeth Nutrition took the gamification route to enable the child to treat a patient through a live procedure. With this live gaming campaign, the brand connected with 7 million Indonesians with a 3X CTR and a massive 1.7X overall engagement rate.  

To know more about how Wyeth Nutrition executed the campaign to perfection, read the complete success story here.  

Campaign #3: Castrol strengthens brand recall with blended in-game advertising  

Award Wins: 

  1. Best Mobile Campaign for a Specific Audience – Bronze Award 

(Also nominated for the categories: 1. Best Use of In-App Advertising, 2. Best Use of Interactive Media / AR & VR, 3. Best User Experience) 

successful ad campaigns

The campaign highlights how brands can drive top-of-the-funnel objectives with blended in-game advertising. Castrol partnered with Xaxis and InMobi to engage Filipino gamers with an immersive in-game experience and measure the overall impact of mobile in driving brand consideration and purchase intent. With dynamic ad placements and engaging in-game creative experience, Castrol drove impeccable results in just a month - ~70% of respondents successfully recalled the ad.   

Learn more about how the brand successfully drove its mission on mobile here

Campaign #4: Selecta Supreme drives purchases with an online to offline shoppable experience  

Award Wins: 

  1. Best Use of Display Advertising – Gold Award 

(Also nominated for the categories: 1. Best Direct to Consumer Campaign, 2. Best Location-Based Marketing) 

best mobile ad campaign

This quintessential shoppable experience unveils the purchase impact Selecta Supreme drove by activating a mobile campaign. The Archipelago sees rising temperatures during February, and Selecta, aimed to communicate to Filipino households with kids about their bestseller ice cream, 'Choco Almond Fudge.' Leveraging household targeting, the brand provided an immersive shoppable experience, and ensured seamless online to offline attribution. The campaign results voiced the perfect mobile strategy and execution, with a 35% increase in the purchases driven in just a month. 

Read more about the success story here

Campaign #5: Viso Pises Takes a Meaningful Step with Mobile to Spread Detergent Awareness 

Award Wins: 

  1. Best Use of Display Advertising – Silver Award 

top ad campaigns

The campaign stands as a testament to the success of mobile in driving awareness. In Cambodia, the consumption of liquid detergent is an emerging opportunity; the brands that trailblaze this trend will secure their longer-term pursuit of scale and growth. Hence, Unilever Cambodia needed to build a positive notion about the performance of their newly launched liquid detergent - 'Viso Pises'- in Cambodians' minds. Unilever Cambodia Viso Pises turned its far-sighted vision into reality through an interactive yet simple "slider-bar" experience. The brand depicted the contrasting differences between the widely used powder detergents and the highly capable liquid detergents in the most engaging way. Viso Pises delivered a 4.5X CTR with the right mix of creative excellence and targeting capabilities. 

To know more about how the 'slider-bar' experience was executed, read the success story here

Campaign #6: Pepsodent evokes confident, "Merdeka" smiles with an AI-powered brand activation  

Award Wins: 

  1. Industry Specific Use of Mobile: Consumer Goods – Silver Award 

(Also nominated for the categories: 1. Best COVID-19 Response, 2. Best Original Content, 3. Most Innovative Use of Mobile Technology) 

creative ad campaigns 

A campaign that truly stands for delivering a 'larger good' to society, this success story exemplifies Pepsodent's endeavors to encourage healthy brushing habits among Indonesians. The brand observed that consumers took the discipline of brushing twice a day lightly with the pandemic forcing a prolonged stay at home. As a result, numerous dental concerns arose. The brand aimed to increase oral health awareness and, subsequently, toothpaste adoption during the month of pride for Indonesians – the month of their nation's independence. Targeting families, the brand decided to make Indonesians feel special and proud to get their hands on the special edition of the #SenyumIndonesia Merdeka toothpaste that elicits the honor of the Archipelago. Combining the power of video, AI-based keyword recognition, and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), the brand created an eye-catching, rich media experience. 360,000 ad viewers interacted with the AI-powered video experience, with the video completion rate at 3.3X at the end of the campaign.   

Learn more about the award-winning campaign here

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