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InMobi Now Available as Header Bidding Demand Source on DT FairBid

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on May 10, 2021
InMobi Now Available as Header Bidding Demand Source on DT FairBid

Publishers monetizing their inventory via in-app bidding on Digital Turbine can now gain access to premium demand from InMobi. We are pleased to share that InMobi is available as a real-time bidder for all publishers on DT FairBid.   

At InMobi, we are committed to providing our publishers with programmatic solutions that can help them scale their monetization efforts. We also strongly believe in the benefits of in-app bidding in order to maximize publisher revenue and performance without compromising on operational efficiency.  

Our latest partnership with Digital Turbine helps us further this mission by offering publishers access to premium advertising demand on InMobi Exchange through their existing FairBid stack at no additional cost.

InMobi Exchange is connected to over 120 demand-side platforms (DSPs), which in turn are connected to more than 20,000 advertisers, including leading brands and Fortune 500 companies.  

“InMobi becoming a DT FairBid bidding partner is just another step in the longstanding partnership between the companies,” said James Hughes, VP of Global Supply at Digital Turbine. “InMobi’s demand brings new monetization opportunities to our publisher partners, helping drive even better results by bolstering their interstitials, banners and rewarded video ads.”

“Digital Turbine has been a key partner for InMobi since 2014. We are thrilled that InMobi’s integration with DT FairBid is now available for app publishers looking to strengthen their monetization outcomes via bidding. Publishers can maximize eCPMs and fill rates by tapping into InMobi’s premium in-app advertising dollars without compromising on operational efficiency,” said Ram (TK) Krishnamurthy, Vice President of Customer Success at InMobi. 
If you’re interested in getting started, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or write to support@inmobi.com for more information.  


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