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Introducing Prebid Support for Server-Side Bidding

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on October 28, 2020
Introducing Prebid Support for Server-Side Bidding

We are pleased to announce that InMobi is now a certified demand partner on the Prebid Server. Prebid provides an open and flexible integration option for app developers and publishers looking for a fair and transparent header bidding platform.  

Publishers who choose to implement their own Prebid Server on the cloud and those who depend on hosted or white labelled Prebid Servers can now access InMobi demand through our adapter, available here

InMobi is now a preferred bidder on all major header bidding platforms 

With in-app bidding gaining traction, we realize it’s important to provide gaming and non-gaming publishers the flexibility to tap into programmatic demand through any header bidding platform of their choice. This Prebid integration extends our reach beyond our current integrations with the other popular in-app header bidding platforms like Applovin MAX, Amazon TAM, and MoPub Advanced Bidding. 

Our Prebid integration currently supports Banner, Interstitial and Video (VAST) ad formats for monetization. We will extend this to cover Native in the coming few months. 

The Setup 

Let’s look at how you can get started accessing InMobi demand on your Prebid setup: 

1) Integrate our Prebid Adapter 

InMobi is already listed as a demand adapter on the Prebid Server, which you can access here. However, if you’re using a white-labelled Prebid Server provided by a third party, please work with them to use the updated server to access InMobi as a demand bidder. 

2) Create and Configure Placements 

As with your existing ad units, it is important to create placements on the InMobi Publisher Dashboard. Your dedicated InMobi Customer Success Managers can assist you with this step should you have any questions. 

The next step would be to map and configure the InMobi placements on the Prebid Server or dashboard that you use to set up the placements at your end. You should be good to get started once you are through with this step.  

If you’re new to in-app header bidding or if you’re considering using Prebid, we would recommend that you go through the detailed documentation to understand how the Prebid Server works.  

In case you wish to understand more about how InMobi Exchange is driving incremental yield for publishers through our header bidding partnerships or have any questions specific to the Prebid setup, feel free to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager today or write to us at support@inmobi.com

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