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Maleo and InMobi Partner to Bring Brand-Safe, Relevant In-app Ad Experiences to Southeast Asian Consumers

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on November 06, 2020
Maleo and InMobi Partner to Bring Brand-Safe, Relevant In-app Ad Experiences to Southeast Asian Consumers

Maleo, the renowned gaming app developer from Southeast Asia, has partnered with InMobi for ad monetization in Indonesia and India. The popular gaming app leverages the InMobi Exchange to increase ad revenues while ensuring a delightful user experience. The association enables advertisers to bank on advanced capabilities such as personalized audience targeting, location and device-level targeting, cross-device attribution and, accurate and actionable insights.  

Speaking on the partnership with InMobi, Mr. Gigih, Co-founder, Maleo said, “Maleo has over 50 million downloads from across Southeast Asia and is highly popular, especially among Indonesians. InMobi is one of our primary programmatic in-app monetization partners in the region. In the three years of association, we have witnessed a 100% increase in the ad revenues. With their best-in-class platform that brings in diverse programmatic buyers representing top brands, InMobi maximizes our in-app revenues through a seamless and non-intrusive ad experience. They enhance the engagement of the user while preserving the mechanics of the underlying game.” 

“Brand safe advertising has always been a top-of-the-mind issue for marketers, especially the ones that have a large loyal base that transcends generations and geographies. This is especially important given the multiple nuances that both performance and brand marketers must cater to. Even a single misstep can have a cascading impact. The InMobi Exchange and Maleo provide a platform through programmatic channels for brand-safe ads backed by strong measurement from MOAT and IAS”, said Sudhanshu Saxena, Head, Publisher Partnerships in Southeast Asia. 

Maleo can be accessed programmatically on the InMobi Exchange through various DSPs including direct access via DV360. To know more about our monetization services, visit our InMobi programmatic monetization page.  

About Maleo  

Maleo operates the popular Bus Simulator Indonesia game, providing the real experience of being a bus driver with the authentic flavor of Indonesian roadways and places. With high-quality, detailed graphics and advanced features like saved data, multi-player convoys, the game is a hot favorite in Indonesia with over 50 Million downloads. 

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