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MVS VIRTUAL 'Navigating Change & Preparing For The Future' With Postmates

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
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Posted on December 17, 2020
MVS VIRTUAL 'Navigating Change & Preparing For The Future' With Postmates

As part of the Mobile Ventures Summit series, Robyn Meyers, VP Sales & Brand Partnerships – West Coast at InMobi, drives the conversation about ‘Navigating Change & Preparing For The Future’ with Adam Miller, Director of User Acquisition at Postmates. They discuss mobile loyalty, IDFA, and what Postmates is doing in the User Acquisition space as we move forward into 2021. 

Apple has announced that in early 2021, they will require developers to ask users for permission to use IDFA identifiers for ad targeting purposes. Advertisers need to be prepared for the adverse effects it could bring to the advertising ecosystem. Adam Miller adds, "At Postmates, we are tackling this by revisiting everything that relies on a semi-persistent mobile ID. I want to see everything [revisited], not just IDFA, but also Google's GA ID. We do think that Google is very likely to follow suit. Google has already made a pretty firm commitment to deprecate third-party cookies across the Chrome Browser. We are undergoing a sea change when it comes to ad tracking more broadly." 

Regarding mobile loyalty and how their loyalty programs (Postmates Unlimited) has gone through changes to further help users during COVID-19, Adam Miller responds by saying that “the biggest vector along which we can really increase is value to folks who are signing up for unlimited. If you're an unlimited customer, we want to make sure you can get more than just pizza. The amount of value that we're providing could at some point reach an order of magnitude greater than the cost that you're outlaying to become an unlimited member. There's relatively few services out there that can really claim that right now. We get to lock in your loyalty for a very very long time because you're going to find so much utility in using Postmates, you won't want to turn anywhere else."

To learn more about Postmates’ strategies around mobile user acquisition, Apple's upcoming changes to IDFA, geo-space technologies, retail and offline partnerships, virtual events, and more, watch the full interview below!  



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