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[New Report] State of Mobile Programmatic Ad Buying in Southeast Asia in 2019

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
2 min read
Posted on November 25, 2019
[New Report] State of Mobile Programmatic Ad Buying in Southeast Asia in 2019

Programmatic has been hailed by advertisers across the globe for its potential to streamline the ad buying process, while offering target audiences at scale. But what is its effect in Southeast Asia?

To find out, we surveyed more than 50 digital marketers with the responsibility of media buying across leading brands and agencies in the region. The goal was to hear directly from those on the front lines about what they think about in-app programmatic advertising, to see if it’s understood well and finding value.

Our latest report, The State of Mobile Programmatic Ad Buying in Southeast Asia in 2019, highlights - the current landscape, challenges undermining the in-app programmatic advertising industry and a glimpse into its future. This survey is the first of its kind research program for mobile marketers.

It is designed to help mobile marketers better understand the responsibilities, activities, challenges, and current/future trends of the mobile programmatic world. Get your complimentary copy today!


What did our survey uncover? Here are the highlights of the report:

  • Close to nine out of 10 brand marketers possess only a basic working knowledge of programmatic advertising. Despite that, 93% of these advertisers aim to conduct their programmatic media buying in-house.
  • Around 90% of advertisers see efficiency gains with programmatic buying. Programmatic buying of inventory reduces the human involvement and the chances for errors and delays, thus improving the efficiency of a campaign instantaneously.
  • When evaluating programmatic partners, performance along with control and transparency in reporting are the top two criteria for brands.
  • Lack of education and awareness around programmatic processes is the single biggest barrier to programmatic adoption.

Want even more insights? Download the full copy of the report!


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