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The Future is Looking Greener: InMobi Partners with Ad Net Zero 

Genevieve Pritchard
Genevieve Pritchard
3 min read
Posted on September 14, 2023
  The Future is Looking Greener: InMobi Partners with Ad Net Zero 

Think back to your favorite childhood memories. How many of those take place outdoors or in nature? Something special to experience, so tactile, the smells, and that feeling of being surrounded by nature in the forest, at a farm or on the beach—the sand between your toes, trekking through fresh powder on the mountains, or gazing up at the tallest trees.  

Let me share a few of my memories from growing up in the Pacific Northwest. My childhood revolved around the beach—building forts with gnarled driftwood, racing over the rocks to narrowly avoid barnacles, and searching for sand dollars or crabs. Today I am keenly aware of the need to preserve nature, our environment, and reduce carbon emissions on an enterprise level to make positive strides in mitigating global warming. Climate change is wreaking havoc in our lives with impacts ranging from heat waves, melting ice caps, rising sea levels and increased severe weather events.

Just as people look inward for self-development, or seek professional coaching for growth, companies benefit from environmental guidance and governance. That’s why InMobi’s new partnership with Ad Net Zero is so critical in driving our sustainability mission. There are countless benefits of joining an industry coalition that champions sustainability specifically to ad tech. 

A Global Reckoning: Reversing the Impossible   

Why is nature important? It’s a safe and peaceful place for us to learn and grow. It’s a calming place to gain perspective in a chaotic world. Clean drinking water, clear skies free of pollution/smog, these are components of a healthy planet. This is what we want to get back to. And for a brief moment during the height of the Covid lockdowns we were given a glimpse of what a greener, more sustainable world might look like. It was miraculous to see the immediate impact from the shutdown—air pollution disappeared, wildlife returned from hiding, and scientists marveled that we might indeed be able to turn the clock back on some of the environmental damage. A few examples: 

  1. The coronavirus pandemic has had an unexpected side effect in Venice, where the normally cloudy canals have transformed into water crystal clear enough to see fish swimming below.
  2. According to IQAir’s 2020 World Air Quality Report , Covid lockdowns led to improved air quality in 84% of countries worldwide and 65% of global cities analyzed experienced better air quality in 2020 compared to 2019. 
  3. Result: “The connection between Covid-19 and air pollution has shone new light on the latter, especially as many locations have observed visibly cleaner air – revealing that air quality improvements are possible with urgent, collective action,” the report said.  

How can we take these learnings and implement at the individual level, company level and country level? Oh how far we can go; the things we could achieve.

A Catalyst for Taking Action  

There is alchemy in the business of making promises. It’s not simply about companies setting lofty goals; we have to take action, measure and continue to move forward. This isn’t a quest for the sake of a quest, or an unattainable dream. We know after the Covid lockdown, that real progress to diluting pollution and increase air/water quality is possible.     

It’s an exciting time because we are all finally recognize and value, the need to act quickly and the ramifications our actions have on the planet—both positive and negative. If we act together, we have the ability to enact lasting change, to move the needle forward to a greener, brighter future.  

Noteworthy Advances    

InMobi exchange is powered by Microsoft Azure, and as a result is 100% carbon neutral. After integrating Microsoft Azure’s API, we are pleased to announce the following steps forward in green tech and reducing our digital waste:   

  • Our emissions factor is in the top 5th percentile vs average server emission factors.   
  • Our server use is 80-90% greener than alternative on-premise solutions, even high-efficiency ones.   
  • Direct SDK integrations partnered with ML drives emission reductions of up to 30%.   

(Source: All data from the Microsoft Azure Impact Emissions Dashboard)    

Undiluted Dreams of Sustainability   

As we at InMobi unveil our future plans, including more partnerships, sustainable initiatives and greener technology, I find myself energized by the actions of so many InMobians and the Ad Net Zero initiative. We are all inextricably linked—and that has never been more apparent than after a global pandemic. Life is about leaving a legacy—this is true for companies, countries and individuals. What will your legacy be?  I hope you’ll personally join InMobi’s corporate efforts to secure a greener and more sustainable future for us all.  

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