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Why Southeast Asia’s Marketers Must Bring their A-game with Mobile Game Advertising in 2022

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on November 07, 2022
Why Southeast Asia’s Marketers Must Bring their A-game with Mobile Game Advertising in 2022

The game’s never over in Southeast Asia.
Until a few years ago, mobile gaming faced several barriers in Southeast Asia. But it’s 2022, and the region is a hotspot for mobile gaming. When the pandemic hit and people were confined to their homes, people took to gaming on their phones. Today, the top three countries by growth in gaming app downloads are still in Southeast Asia.

Brands have played along so far. But will they continue to?
Mobile gaming is booming in Southeast Asia, and consequently so is mobile game advertising. Our recent report, Mobile Game Advertising, 2022 found that Southeast Asia saw a 2x increase in ad spends on mobile game apps, since before the pandemic.

In fact, in just the last two years, 6 in 10 advertisers in Southeast Asia took up mobile gaming advertising.

There’s a whole list of reasons why brands in Southeast Asia love advertising on mobile gaming apps, and why your brand should too:

  • Attention! Here’s your chance to get more attention.
    The rate of attention and engagement from gamers is incredible, making them a great audience for your brand. Our data shows that ads on mobile game apps delivers 2x higher engagement.

  • Keep your brand safe.
    There’s a gaming app out there for every type of brand, so you know it’ll be right for your consumers. Our report found that 88% of the time, there is great suitability between the game and the brand!

  • It’s personal, in a good way.
    Mobile game apps offer scope for accurate targeting and enhanced personalization that your audience will love. Over 57% seasoned brands rated this as one of the top five reasons they continue advertising on mobile game apps.

  • Innovation: Unlimited.
    Gaming apps are a playing field for innovation. Your brand can create out-of-the-box engaging experiences that will enrich the media mix with a variety of formats such as blended in-game ads, rewarded videos, playables and interstitials. InMobi’s platform data shows 30% growth in advertisers spending on video ad placements on mobile games.

Okay, marketers: How will you bring your A-game?
When done right, advertising on mobile games can make your brand a top scorer! Our data shows that in 2022 alone, 60% of all ad spends were on game apps. But hey, we heard that there are some false rumors about mobile game advertising. If you’ve heard them, it’s time to clear the air!

Did someone say it’s hard to measure success on gaming apps? They’re playing.
From assessing key metrics such as completion rates, attention and engagement, viewability, reach and frequency to enhancing recall and consideration, brands are using several ways to see how their ads have scored on mobile game apps. InMobi’s platform data shows that advertising on mobile game apps delivers better performance compared to non-game apps with 1.6x higher completion rates, 2x higher engagement, and 33% higher eCPMs.

Puzzled as you wonder if mobile game advertising is tough or expensive?
Advertising on mobile game apps can be easy, affordable, and scalable with a range of plug-and-play options available via programmatic solutions! Within the programmatic domain, Private Marketplace deals are the most popular method for brands to advertise on game apps. 97% of brands who advertise on mobile game apps report high satisfaction.

Fresh formats, engaging experiences and measurable metrics make mobile game advertising a winning way to meet your goals.
Get more insights on how brands score with mobile game advertising. Read our report, Mobile Game Advertising in 2022.

To know more about how to advertise on mobile games, write to us at mobilemarketing@inmobi.com.

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