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InMobi Insights: UK edition

Published on October 30, 2012
InMobi Insights: UK edition

Smartphones continue to dominate device share of impressions but tablet impressions increase by 20% in Q2;Apple is the largest manufacturer by impression share 30 October, 2012

   InMobi, the leading innovator in mobile advertising and the largest independent mobile advertising network, today released its quarterly InMobi Insights - UK edition. The report shows that whilst smartphones remain the dominant device in mobile advertising impressions with 74.1% share, tablets and connected devices are increasing rapidly with an overall share of 18.9%. The data, sourced from the InMobi mobile advertising network from July 2012 to September 2012 reveals that the iPhone (27.9% impression share) continues to be the most popular handset on the market. However, the iPad’s share of impressions continues to rise with 11%, a 43% increase from Q2. The research found that Apple remains the top manufacturer in the UK with both RIM and HTC falling behind their competitor. Samsung achieved an increase in its share of impressions in Q3, with 16% increase from Q2. The research also shows that the mobile web continues to rule, holding a 70% share of total advertising impressions; however, it is interesting to note that this has decreased from 76% in Q1 and 72% in Q2, as ad impressions on mobile apps get rolled out. This is encouraging news for in-app developers in demonstrating the growth of consumer appetite for such ads.

% Share Available Impressions
Device Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Percentage Increase
↑Apple iPhone 24.7% 27.9% 13%
↑Apple iPad 7.7% 11% 43%

  Lee Blyth, Head of Sales UK at InMobi comments: “In the UK, mobile ad growth continues to be driven by smartphones. However, it is estimated that there are 5.87 million tablets in UK and likely to increase to just over 10 million by 2013. Following the launch of the new iPad mini last week, consumer interest in tablets has never been higher and we expect the number of impressions on these devices to continue to rise in Q4.” “What these figures demonstrate yet further is the huge opportunity for mobile advertising on smartphones and tablet devices in the UK. The onus is now on premium publishers to host and advertisers and marketers to create more engaging, interactive rich media ads across a variety of devices.” You can download the latest InMobi Mobile Insights Reports under the Network Data section of the InMobi Research page for free at: www.inmobi.com/insights

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