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InMobi Launches New Ad Formats that Deliver up to 10 Times Higher Interaction Rate

Published on September 23, 2013
InMobi Launches New Ad Formats that Deliver up to 10 Times Higher Interaction Rate

InMobi SmartAds and IAB Mobile Rising Stars Now Available on the Largest Independent Mobile Ad Network New York City, NY, September 23, 2013 – InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, today announced InMobi SmartAds, a dynamic and responsive rich media ad capability based on user context, to further personalize mobile advertising. The announcement was made at the 2013 Advertising Week event in New York City. InMobi SmartAds increase the ad capabilities offered by InMobi to deliver highly personalized ads that boost brand engagement metrics. Recent InMobi SmartAds have delivered:

  • Up to three times higher install rates;
  • Up to 10 times interaction rates; and,
  • More than three times the conversion rate of regular ads.

InMobi SmartAds enable rich media creatives to include dynamic feeds such as live stock prices, RSS news feeds, sports scores, or movie show times, and are influenced and triggered by behavior based on the user context (location, weather conditions and more). For instance, InMobi SmartAds can be used to:

  • Build recall of sporting apparel brands by associating its products with live soccer score feeds;
  • Increase the sale of movie tickets by displaying live movie show time feeds in an ad;
  • Strengthen a coffee chain brand by promoting hot coffee on a cold day and iced coffee on a hot day, based on local temperature conditions; and,
  • Promote location based ads by displaying offers at a nearest store.

The IAB Mobile Rising Stars are mobile creative ad formats identified as part of the official IAB standard ad portfolio to enable brand marketers to tell bigger and bolder stories on smaller mobile screens. InMobi supported formats include filmstrip, pull, full page flex, and slider. These ad formats prove to garner greater user interaction rates and deliver higher brand and message recall than standard mobile banner ads. “Mobile industry innovation is 10 times faster than what we have seen in the desktop world. We continue to innovate to help brands engage consumers in a far deeper, more personalized way through cutting-edge ad formats that are supported by our award winning creative services teams,” said Preetham V.V., GM and Product Head of Brand Business, InMobi. “By supporting IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats across all our platforms, including InMobi Studio, we continue to provide one of the best monetization opportunities available for our publishers.” “Given its expansive reach and the prominence of its rich-media authoring platform, InMobi’s commitment to standards will help accelerate adoption of the new IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats on phones and tablets,” said Joe Laszlo, Sr. Director, IAB Mobile Center. “Advertisers understand that personalizing consumer experiences matter the most when it comes to increasing brand engagement, and ads that can deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time, in a beautiful format, will be the most effective.”

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