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Over 50 Million App Installs Delivered by InMobi This Year

Published on October 17, 2013
Over 50 Million App Installs Delivered by InMobi This Year

New App Insight Report Offers Advice to Developers and Game Studios to Drive Global User Acquisition

Singapore, October 17, 2013 – InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, today released the first edition of the InMobi App Insight Report that provides comprehensive trends for app developers based on the analysis of thousands of app promotion campaigns that ran on the InMobi global ad network in the second quarter of 2013.

“The first edition of this report shares deep insights of the larger ecosystem around the world of app installs based on data analyzed from thousands of campaigns we ran in Q2 2013. We investigated the core areas that developers deeply care about: scaling their business, driving user engagement, and optimizing user lifetime value (LTV),” said Shrikant Latkar, Vice President of Global Marketing, InMobi.

Key insights from the report include:

  • Developers can scale their business exponentially by leveraging a global user acquisition strategy that specifically addresses country nuances:
    • Five countries accounted for over 60% of all app installs: US, India, China, Japan and Indonesia;
    • The cost to drive an app download is lower in many parts of the world compared to the U.S.A., with India being the least expensive market (60% cheaper than in the U.S.A) and U.K. being the most expensive (74% costlier than the U.S.A.);
  • User engagement is highly dependent on the chosen ad-formats and the underlying OS platform:
    • Interstitial ads delivered the best conversions for app promotions with up to 25% higher click-through rates and 10% better conversions;
    • Average conversions of interstitials on the Android platform were almost double that of other ad formats;
  • Leveraging user insights and granular targeting based on app categories result in increased conversions and lower cost per install:
    • On iOS, the best conversions for social apps were seen on health and fitness sites (3.25 times that on gaming sites) while entertainment apps saw maximum conversions on communication sites (four times that on gaming sites); and,
    • The cost per download (CPD) for travel and financial services apps were the highest (more than 40 times the CPD for games), and sports apps the least (around 0.76 times the CPD for games).

Latkar continued, “Our ability to deliver high LTV users at global scale through in-app advertising across multiple app categories is unmatched. By combining our massive reach with granular targeting and innovative ad formats that range from interstitials to custom and native ads, InMobi is in a unique position to help developers scale their business exponentially. With deep understanding of user behavior and access to 90% of the top global brands, we have become the best global monetization partner for developers. The report also delivers unique trends and tips to help developers tackle tablets, as well as making inroads into tough markets like China.”

The complete report can be downloaded from InMobi Insights (http://inmo.bi/1fKnX8Z).

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