Unifid Addendum

We refer to the Terms of Service located at www.inmobi.com/terms-of-service/ (“Agreement”) which you have accepted, or the paper contract in the event You have signed a paper contract (“Agreement”) with InMobi, to avail InMobi’s advertising services as a publisher (“Publisher”). The terms below shall be deemed to be part of such Agreement. (“Addendum”).


WHEREAS, InMobi has entered into arrangements with global identity resolution services companies which provide proprietary identity-based advertising solutions, and which are listed in the dashboard made accessible by InMobi (“ID Partners”).

WHEREAS, the Company has the option to license certain Company Data being hashed emails and/ or phone numbers (“Company Data”), in order to enable InMobi to convert such Company data into identity-based advertising solutions, through InMobi’s ID Partners, and thereby enable the Company to make its inventory addressable for commercial marketing uses (“ID Services”), to the extent permitted in this Addendum.

NOW THEREFORE, the Company has chosen to license its Company Data to InMobi in order to engage with select ID Partner’s (identified in the dashboard made accessible by InMobi) through InMobi, to avail ID Services, and it is agreed that this Addendum shall be incorporated within the Terms as follows:

  • For the purposes of this Addendum, Company shall provide InMobi with Company Data, which InMobi shall share with it’s ID Partners, which shall in turn use and/ or process the data in the manner as prescribed in the applicable terms of conditions of the relevant ID Partners.
  • For Company Data passed to InMobi by the Company under this Addendum, Company shall be the Data Controller and InMobi shall be the Data Processor for the purposes of the GDPR. Company shall be Business, and InMobi may assume the role of a Service Provider or Third Party for the purposes of the CCPA.
  • As a precondition to the ID Services provided through the ID Partners, the Company shall agree to and comply with the applicable terms of conditions of the relevant ID Partners as listed and made accessible by InMobi in the dashboard.
  • InMobi and/ or the Company shall each comply with all applicable federal, state, county, and local laws, ordinances, regulations and codes in the performance of this Addendum, including all applicable privacy and data protection laws, rules, and regulations.
  • This Addendum shall be and is hereby incorporated in and forms a part of the Terms. In case of conflict between the Terms and this Addendum, this Addendum shall prevail with respect to the subject matter hereof. All capitalized terms not defined in this Addendum shall have the definitions given to them in the Terms.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, this Addendum shall be effective from the effective date of the Agreement. This Addendum may be terminated by either Party upon providing the other Party a prior written notice of 30 days. All other terms and conditions of the Terms shall remain in full force and effect.