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[Event] Developer Seminar in Tokyo for global monetization

Tetsuo Kaji
5 min read
Posted on October 18, 2013

About 100 app developers and marketers gathered at the developer seminar in Tokyo last week, to learn about the latest trend and tips on global promotion and monetization for apps.

The seminar (hosted by HatchUp Co,. Ltd.) was titled “Super seminar for App Developers - learn the latest trend in smartphone advertising and tips on global promotion and monetization,” with speakers from InMobi, Millenial Media, Google and United; and each speaker presented the latest trends, tips, data and stories behind the successful app promotions. After the seminar, the speakers and the developers exchanged opinions and their interest in oversea markets.

The seminar program:

InMobi: “Global trend in smartphone ad and the latest case studies”

Millennial Media: “The latest trend and tips in monetization in USA”

Google: “App Monetization – is ad monetization obsolete?”

United (CocoPPa): “The path to 15 million download and the next step for further expansion"

InMobi’s Yoshitaka Shinohara explains the 4 points of global monetization.

InMobi “Global trend in smartphone ad and the latest case studies”

Director of Business Development of InMobi Japan talked about the importance of delivering ads based on user segment, trying various ad formats including new formats such as native ads, and integrating mediation tool which enables multiple ad networks. He also mentioned the possibility of rich media brand ads on apps by audience targeting, which brings higher revenue.

Millennial Media “The latest trend and tips in monetization in USA”

Millenial Media focused on scaling revenue by expand ad/rich media ad, finer user targeting, ad formats and tablet inventory. Interestingly, both Millenial Media and InMobi strongly suggest that effective ad format such as interstitials should not be intrusive for app userse, and inserting such ads at the beginning, at transition screens, at the ending might be effective and recommended.

Google (admob) “App Monetization – is ad monetization obsolete?”

Mr. Sakamoto, Mobile Business Strategist at Google, strongly suggested that Japanese quality app developers should go global by proactively localizing apps, given the situation of Japanese market becoming more and more competitive with global developers coming into the market. He also pointed out the importance of combining different ways of monetization such as ad, in-app-purchase and external own media, and also stressed the necessity for smaller developers to collaborate with other companies with different strength.

United (CocoPPa) “The path to 15 million download and the next step for further expansion”

Mr. Teshima, Executive Officer at UNITED, inc. – who isresponsible for the globally popular app “CocoPPa”, told the story behind its success of reaching 15 million download worldwide and their prospective. The story of how much less they paid to localize CocoPPa for their first oversea launch and how the app picked up just by localizing it was very encouraging to those app developers at the seminar.

Most of the developers stayed after the seminar for networking and enjoyed their chance to talk directly to the speakers and it was the day to feel the strong interest in going global from Japanese developers.

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