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Driving Growth in Uncertain Times: Your Guide to SKAN 4.0

Team InMobi
Team InMobi
4 min read
Posted on October 14, 2022
Driving Growth in Uncertain Times: Your Guide to SKAN 4.0

Welcome to your one-stop resource for all the tools and insights you need to succeed in the privacy-first world with Apple's AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) and SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0 attribution framework.

Not sure where to start? Well, you’re in the right place. Over the last few months, we’ve put together a wealth of resources that should get you on the right track regardless of where you are on your privacy-first journey. So, whether you have only 4 minutes to spare or a little longer, there’s something here for everybody.  

Let’s begin. 

Driving Growth: A Resource Center for Mobile Media and Marketing Professionals 

The mobile ecosystem has been shifting significantly, from changes to how Apple’s IDFA can be used for advertising tracking, to ATT framework and SKAN for insights into campaign performance. It’s a lot to keep track of and understand.   

Plus, who wants hundreds of tabs open and bookmarks? 

So here is the growing collection of deep dives into marketers' and app developers' biggest privacy-compliance, addressability, execution, and measurement challenges.  

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The Essential SKAN 4.0 Playbook

This Playbook gives you everything you need for a solid foundation on SKAN 4.0 so you can adapt and scale according to your needs.  


A breakdown on Apple’s privacy strategy from ATT to the upcoming SKAN 4.0  

Key changes and improvements in SKAN 4.0 and why these enhancements matter  

Tips and next steps to take to ensure success with SKAN 4.0 

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Looking Ahead to SKAN 4.0 

In this whitepaper, you’ll get an introduction to the InMobi approach to SKAN 4.0 and how we plan to help our partners succeed.  

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SKAN 4.0: What App Advertisers Need to Know 

Looking for advertiser-specific guidance on SKAN? We’ve got you covered.  

Get ahead and learn what’s new with:   

Hierarchical Conversion Values    

Multiple Conversion Windows              

Hierarchical Source Identifiers  

Web-to-App Attribution  

And more! 

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SKAN 4.0: What Publishers Need to Know 

This is a great place to learn about the benefits SKAN 4.0 will bring to publishers today.   

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Understanding the Post-ATT World  

Learn more about the post-ATT world in this all-new breakthrough report from Appsumer. Learn how Meta, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search Ads have fared against ATT, and more. 

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4 Things You Need to Know About SKAN 4.0 In 4 Minutes

We all know that changes coming to SKAN can be overwhelming, so we’ve streamlined all the key information about Apple's SKAN 4.0 release in an infographic you can read during your morning coffee or between meetings. It’s that simple.  

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iOS 16 Debuts With Focus on Lockscreen, ‘Rise of Surfaces,’ and Consumer Experience 

Apple’s 2020 ATT announcement helped advance the advertising world toward a privacy-first future, and every iOS update since has come with anticipation of more privacy changes. However, we can all take a sigh of relief about iOS 16. This new update focused primarily on improving the consumer experience and reaffirmed that the lockscreen is the next great frontier for mobile.  

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Want to Test Your Knowledge? 

Are you a student at heart? InMobi U is the perfect place to get a best-in-class breakdown on identity and test your knowledge.  

Here are two courses to help you get started:  

Identity for Mobile Advertising

IDFA/ATT Mini-course

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