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App Spotlight: Crispify

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on November 13, 2013

App Spotlight is a new section on the InMobi blog where we feature mobile apps made by indie developers or small publishing houses. Write in to developer@inmobi.com to get your app featured! This is our second post. Read our first one here

We have had a few interesting submissions to App Spotlight but this one really caught our eye. This is a story of Crispify, an app developed by Indian developer Balaraman Lakshmanan. Crispify is an Android app that allows you to trim your mobile phone videos, apply filters and enhance the tempo all while compressing the file size of the video file. You can also share this video on Twitter and Facebook thus making it a neat go-to app for your video sharing needs.

This newly launched app is getting great reviews but it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Balaraman. His journey started at a multi-national company where he worked with the development and optimisation of various video and audio codecs. In his free time he used to make short-films and it was then, that he realized the importance of video editing.

He started work on an algorithm that automated the video editing process by cutting off unwanted portions of the video. During development of the first prototype, Balaraman noticed that the file size was reduced without any loss in quality. He fine-tuned this and went on to call the prototype ‘Crispify’. The name stuck.


He then applied to and got selected for the Startup Chile program with this prototype, as a single member team. After 7 months of toil and hard work he finally released the first version of his app in October 2013 to much acclaim.

Crispify has a very simple, functional interface. On the main screen you have the option to upload a video, view crispified public videos and view your notifications. You can choose to Crispify from your existing set of videos in your Gallery. Once a video is selected, you can trim or add effects such as Sepia, Greyscale, Black n White etc. While there are many apps on the market that function similarly, uploading a 100 Mb video onto Facebook using a 2G or a 3G connection isn’t really efficient. Here’s where Crispify really impresses. You can compress a video and decrease its file size by upto 90%. In the benchmark that I tried, the video size decreased from 92 MB to 9.35 MB without any decrease in quality. One wishes that there was an option to view videos in full-screen mode though. The user also has the choice to rate, comment on and also mark the video as private. Balaraman says that he has successfully filed a US patent for automated video trimming and video compression.


Balaraman started off by using social media to promote his app. He is now using InMobi to accelerate user acquisition. We wish him all the very best.

You can download Crispify from the Google Play Store here. Visit the official website at crispify.it

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