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App Spotlight - Glow Hockey 2

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on January 09, 2014

From the publishing house of Natenai Ariyatrakool, Glow Hockey 2 is the sequel to the original smash-hit game. The objective of the game is simple: score goals in a game of air hockey against your opponent. You can choose to play against the system in four modes: easy, medium, hard and insane or chose to play two player over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You also have a choice in the type of air hockey boards that you get to play on.

While the objective of the game is simple, it is the presentation that really makes this game a winner. The paddles, pucks and board all have a chrome glow on them that will remind you of the movie Tron. The gameplay is exciting and a whole lot of fun! The great thing about the gameplay is that just when you think you are getting the better of your opponent, you invariably tend to let a few goals slip in. Glow Hockey is a perfect ‘snack’ that you can play for short bursts while you’re traveling or if you want a short break from work.

Natenai’s apps were witnessing healthy eCPMs in developed markets, while not performing as well in other markets. The challenge was to further optimize in areas where his apps were doing well, and to replicate the success in specific non-performing markets. With InMobi’s help, they optimized their eCPMs by using better placements with high impact InMobi rich media and interstitials. InMobi also scaled Natenai’s overall eCPMs by more than 160% in a month’s span. Interstitial ad formats helped deliver 2x better overall eCPMs than the next best ad network.

Glow Hockey has amassed ~25M downloads in a short span of time and its easy to see why. You can download the iOS app from here and its Android counterpart here. You can also read about the case study on how they managed to increase their eCPMs with InMobi’s help.

Nateanai is currently working on a new title, a 2D car racing game, which utilizes the new Sprite Kit framework and supports a game controller. It is tentatively named Mini Kart and will be launched early this year.

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