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From the Bedroom to the Box Office: The Role of Mobile in the Moviegoing Experience

Emily Basileo
5 min read
Posted on February 28, 2014

With the Oscars just around the corner, the office is abuzz with movie chatter. We’ve partnered with the IAB Mobile Center and Decision Fuel to examine just how mobile helps moviegoers learn about movies, purchase tickets and plan trips to the theater.

In its new Mobile in the Movies article, the IAB writes, “If there was an Oscar for Best Supporting Technology for Moviegoers, mobile phones would have a lock on it.” It’s true. Our new research shows that smartphones play an important role for moviegoers, from movie discovery and research to ticket purchase and movie trip planning.

Our key takeaways from the study are:

    · 87% of moviegoers turn to mobile after seeing ads for movies on other channels. Film and multiplex marketers should leverage mobile as part of a comprehensive mixed media strategy.

    · Moviegoers use mobile at all stages throughout the movie trip process – during pre-show activities such as planning and purchasing, while at the theater to “check-in”, and after the show to go to other events. Marketers should use mobile to reach these consumers at all times.

    · 1 out of 3 moviegoers purchases movie tickets directly through mobile devices. Box office, online and mobile are now all major sources of ticket sales.

The full report is available to download via IAB's website: http://www.iab.net/mobilemoviegoing

To read the article published by the IAB, visit: Mobile and the Movies: Phones Play a Starring Role in Selection and Ticket Purchase

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