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Men on Mobile – Growing up and Getting Groomed

Emily Basileo
5 min read
Posted on March 06, 2014

Like many young schoolgirls, I grew up thinking boys were icky. Many of us grew up chanting the 19th century nursery rhyme, “What Are Little Boys Made Of”. Variations of the poem included combinations of, “slugs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails,” but whatever the concoction, the point was clear – boys were gross.

Contrary to my childhood beliefs, I’ve found that many men are not the boy-monsters I once imagined them to be. An informal poll of my guy friends showed that all of them used some sort of personal care product (e.g. toothbrush or deodorant) and that many of them had entire grooming regimens. Just when did my mud-covered friends mature into groomed gentleman? More importantly, how are men, in general, making their grooming product purchase decisions?

InMobi partnered with Decision Fuel to answer the latter question. This particular vertical insights study, How Chief Household Officers Use Mobile, examines how consumers who purchase personal care and grooming products in the US are using mobile media and how advertisers can best communicate with them. As it turns out, 86% of men on our network are shopping for personal care and grooming products within the next 90 days, and more than 90% of men use mobile to help them shop.

Other key takeaways from the study are:

    · Men are highly receptive to mobile ads. 81% of male personal care shoppers expect mobile ads to introduce them to new products and 72% believe mobile ads influence their in-store purchases. Mobile advertisements also convince more than half of men to make a purchase via mobile.

    · Male personal care shoppers believe that mobile ads are better than TV and online ads. 77% believe that mobile is better than TV and online at finding products that match their interest and 75% at suggesting the best prices and deals for them.

    · Male personal care consumers are more influenced by mobile ads than female shoppers – males are 26% more likely to switch brands because of a mobile advertisement and 20% more likely to trust mobile ads to provide them with better options than female shoppers.

If only mobile could help these newly minted men plan dates. Oh wait, it does! [see: From the Bedroom to the Box Office]

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US Personal Care Infographic

US Personal Care (Female) Infographic

US Personal Care (Male) Infographic

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Emily has always had an inquisitive mind and an active imagination. Her imagination told her that she was a superhero. Although Emily never developed the ability to fly, she spread her wings and left her hometown to study at NYU. Emily’s adventures eventually led her to San Francisco, where she joined the AppGalleries family and excelled as the Director of Operations. In 2012, InMobi acquired AppGalleries, and Emily was absorbed into the Strategy & Operations team. Today, Emily thrives on the Global Insights team, pondering marketing’s big questions, identifying trends, and crafting actionable strategies. Ever the optimist, Emily still hopes to fly – she has a cape.

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