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Day 2 - Day of Indie Gaming

Sohan Maheshwar
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Posted on March 20, 2014

Day 02 was all about indie gaming at GDC. Every year, on the sidelines of the GDC, the Independent Games Festival (IGF) honours the best indie games across all platforms to encourage developers and small publishers. The winning games get a substantial cash prize as well as massive publicity for their games / game studios.

This year puzzle game Papers, Please won the top honours at IGF. All the nominated games had their own game booths at the venue and this year's selections featured a really strong bunch of games, from the wholly immersive ExtraSolar to the noir-ish stop motion Dominic Pamplemousse. The thriller Device 6, one of the top iPhone games of 2013, was also 'present' in its own special way.

Unity had a massive presence at the expo and their talks seemed to be well-attended too. Similarly, Intel and ARM also had a few 'expert' sessions at their respective booths which were fairly crowded. Microsoft announced DirectX 12 for Windows with appropriate fanfare.

SpaceX made a rather surprising appearance at this year's GDC. They bought along a working rocket engine for good measure!

Valve demo-ed (albeit exclusively) its much-awaited Steam Machines with a new design for their controller. The machine is slick and with Valve's history of disrupting things in the gaming market, it is already earning rave reviews.

Booth swag was in full flow on Day 2. We spotted everything from miniature speakers, stress balls, t-shirts, phone cases, hangover kits, temporary tattoos and even drinking horns being given out to attendees. We're guessing the drinking horns and the hangover kits go hand-in-hand!

Tomorrow is the final Day of GDC and it promises to be memorable. Chatting with all the people who came by our booth was great fun and we're looking forward to meeting more of you on the final day of #GDC2014.

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