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GDC Final Day : of Talks, Virtual Reality, and Creativity

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on March 21, 2014

GDC2014 drew to an end on a day that was lined with an impressive list of talks. The talks had a myriad list of topics to chose from. The topics covered everything from the technical aspects of gaming, tutorials, understanding gamer psychology as well as mobile game monetization.

Sony's new Virtual Reality set garnered a lot of attention this year and rightfully so. It is sleek and early previews have been pretty great! They had a massive booth where they let select users try Project Morpheus

We were also blown away by the creativity of the indie games at this year's GDC. For example here's a photo of Roflpillar, where two players lie on the ground and wiggle around to control two caterpillars on screen. So much crazy fun!

Unfortunately the festivities had to come to an end. At the dot of 3PM, the stalls at the expos were dismantled as they attendees rushed out of the crowded doors of the Moscone Convention at the heart of San Francisco.

We had a great time at the InMobi stall, speaking to a bunch of game devs, designers, product managers etc. We also had a blast hosting Appy Hour and the InMobi VIP Program. Looking forward to next year's edition of GDC!

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