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Publishers Are Going Native With InMobi Native Ads Platform

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on April 08, 2014

The mobile world has had to live with banner ads for a long time. However, we at InMobi are on a mission to change this with our Native Ads platform. On April Fool’s Day we revealed that InMobi would stop showing banner ads and would serve only Native Ads on the network. While this was partly a prank, native ads is clearly the future of mobile advertising.

Since the time we launched our Native Ads Platform at the beginning of the year, many top publishers have integrated our native ads SDK. Tango, the mobile messaging app-maker that recently raised $280 million from Alibaba is one of the early adopters of InMobi's Native Ads Platform.

NDTV, a leading news network in India is also embracing the InMobi Native Ads platform. “We have worked closely with InMobi for several years and are now leveraging our combined strengths to develop new and efficient advertising opportunities on our apps. Native advertising is a big leap, and allows us to provide users information that is relevant to them through contextual advertising and more. We’re convinced that this is a landmark step for the mobile app industry.” said Suparna Singh, CEO of NDTV Convergence.

EFlashapps, a popular maker of apps for early childhood education, has recently gone live with InMobi Native Ads. We caught up with Dishant Shah, COO of EFlash Apps LLC at the recently concluded Game Developer Conference in SF and shared his plans on how they plan to use the InMobi Native Ads Platform.

InMobi Chats EFlashApps from InMobi on Vimeo.

A number of large and innovative app developers in China such as HappyYang, Kingsoft, Little Apps, Liunice and Baycode are at various stages of integrating InMobi Native Ads.

Yang Bo, Founder and CEO of HappyYang had this to say, “We are super satisfied with InMobi’s support to us on monetization, but we also care about user experience very much. Finally, we have a perfect monetization solution with InMobi Native Ads. Thanks InMobi, for bringing to us such an evolutionary product which balances user experience and monetization.”

Tiger Tang, Founder and CEO of Baycode is equally excited about InMobi Native Ads platform and what it means for his app. “We are very excited that we can start displaying InMobi Native Ads inside our App like Facebook, Google and Twitter. InMobi has provided us such a fantastic opportunity to access premium Native Ads which is something we never imagined.”

The future of mobile advertising is well and truly here! Its time to take a leap of faith and switch to native ads. Head over here, request for an invite and we will help you get started!

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