Consumer is King – Embrace Mobile to Cater to Royal Tastes and to Combat Showrooming

Posted on April 23, 2014
By Emily Basileo

When I was a young child, I would prance around the house in my pink frilly play-gown and pretend to be a princess. I’d make ridiculous demands of my poor younger brother, who played various roles in my fantasy world, including court jester, humble servant and street beggar. I ruled my pretend kingdom, knowing in my heart that one day, I’d have to replace my scepter with tools of the common world.

However, these days, consumers really are royalty. Maybe we don’t all preside over entire countries, but we are masters of our individual kingdoms. We have a myriad of services at our beck and call - with a simple tap of a screen, we can hire couriers and chauffeurs, wedding planners or housekeepers. And the existence of an open and competitive marketplace means that consumers do rule. Although brands can adjust their products and prices, it is we, the consumer, who ultimately dictate what and from whom we’re willing to purchase. And the advent of the Internet has provided us with an often overwhelming amount of information from which we can make educated decisions – from product reviews to brand comparisons – it’s all there.

With so many options and so much information at our fingertips, it can be hard for brands and products to differentiate themselves. InMobi’s Vertical Insights research series illustrates how mobile can complement other media channels to help stores and brands differentiate themselves throughout the purchase process. For example, in the recently released study How UK Electronics Consumers Use Mobile to Help Them Shop, InMobi found that electronics consumers use mobile at all stages during the purchase process and that two-thirds of these shoppers actively use their mobile devices while shopping for electronics in stores.

Luckily, marketers can leverage our “always on” smartphone companions to actually combat Showrooming.

  1. Use mobile to empower customers. Make info and reviews easily available to us or provide a mobile-optimized store map. According to Google’s study, “How In-Store Shoppers Are Using Mobile Devices”, 48% of electronics consumers use their smartphones instead of asking store employees for help.
  2. Create unparalleled in-store shopping experiences. Provide stellar customer service, design interactive product demos and tailored hands-on experiences, carry exclusive in-store only products, promotions and deals, and fulfill our need to have it now – in-store purchases yield instant gratification.
  3. Use mobile to stay competitive. Offer custom deals and promotions and prices match competitors. According to the InMobi’s electronics study, 90% of shoppers who use mobile media while electronics shopping in stores will use mobile to find better prices elsewhere.
  4. Geo-fence relevant mobile ads to us while we are shopping in stores. According to InMobi’s study, electronics consumers are interested in ads with promotions and deals and rich multimedia ads that feature new products. Create dynamic and engaging ads that have us interacting with the brand.

Stores and brands should definitely take measures to address and even cater to consumers’ ever-evolving tastes and demands. The power is truly in our hands. These days, I might not wear princess dresses and platinum crowns, but I will continue to wield my scepter – only this time, it takes the form of a smartphone .

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