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US Auto Shoppers - An Infographic

Emily Basileo
5 min read
Posted on May 23, 2014

I never knew much about cars. When I was a teen, I carelessly sped around in my rice rocket, while Daddy changed the oil and rotated the tires. After high school, I eagerly traded my driving days for New York City student life – with parking space as sparse as desert diamonds (and priced accordingly!), car ownership was not an option. Now, years later, with big city life behind me, a car purchase glistens on the horizon.

Last month, InMobi released stats surrounding mobile consumers’ auto purchase behaviors. Suffice it to say, I compared my shopping habits to those of other American auto purchase intenders. Similar to 45% of American female auto shoppers, I am most interested in purchasing a small or mid-sized car. And I am definitely part of the 88% of small car shoppers who turn to their smartphones for more information after seeing and hearing auto ads on other media channels.

Now, you too, can compare your auto shopping habits to other American auto shoppers. InMobi’s design team just created a beautiful infographic that compares mobile shopping habits for small cars, luxury cars and SUVs and illustrates mobile’s influence throughout the path to auto purchase.

Click or tap here to download the infographic (pdf) now!

US Auto infographic final.png

About the study: InMobi’s Vertical Insights Research Series helps brand advertisers understand how consumers are using mobile media to research and shop for certain types of products and how mobile complements other channels throughout the purchase process. This particular study examines how consumers who purchase automotives in the US are using mobile media and how advertisers can best communicate with this audience.

Download the full US Auto Infographic from our website here: US AUTO INFOGRAPHIC

To discover more of our Vertical Insights series, visit: our Global Insights Portal

To learn more about our research, contact: insights@inmobi.com


UK AUTO infographic

US PERSONAL CARE infographic

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Emily has always had an inquisitive mind and an active imagination. Her imagination told her that she was a superhero. Although Emily never developed the ability to fly, she spread her wings and left her hometown to study at NYU. Emily’s adventures eventually led her to San Francisco, where she joined the AppGalleries family and excelled as the Director of Operations. In 2012, InMobi acquired AppGalleries, and Emily was absorbed into the Strategy & Operations team. Today, Emily thrives on the Global Insights team, pondering marketing’s big questions, identifying trends, and crafting actionable strategies. Ever the optimist, Emily still hopes to fly – she has a cape.

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