What’s Native Got To Do With It? A Town Hall Conversation ...

70% of marketers still don't know what it is, but according to projections, native advertising will account for nearly $3 billion in spend by the end of this year. This is a powerful statistic, and one that we explored in depth at the IAB...

Posted on June 26, 2014
By Kayla Wilson



​What are the best times to reach football fans on mobile

Football fans have been ‘second-screening’ in front of their televisions since the earliest laptops. But without understanding specifics of this behavior, marketers often have trouble taking targeted action.Four years ago in South Afric...

Posted on June 17, 2014
By Sujoy Golan



InMobi Ad SDK 440 now supports Google’s New Advertising ID

Using mobile ads to monetize is an integral part of the mobile apps ecosystem today, with a large number of developers relying solely on advertising revenue to sustain their businesses. For this purpose, certain unique device-level identi...

Posted on June 17, 2014
By Abhishek Khurana



FIFA World Cup and Mobile Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

FIFA – A Golden Opportunity For Marketers Any world cup or a large sporting event is big for marketers and brands, and FIFA World cup 2014 is undoubtedly the largest marketing platform in the world because of the sheer numbers involv...

Posted on June 11, 2014
By Shamala DN



Are You Monetizing Your Gamers the Right Way?

Mobile gamers are a fickle audience and a game that may have been at the top of the charts yesterday, is easily forgotten today, as more and more apps (with minor differences) flood the app stores. It is becoming imperative for game devel...

Posted on June 09, 2014
By Tanvi Kapoor