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​What are the best times to reach football fans on mobile

Sujoy Golan
5 min read
Posted on June 17, 2014

Football fans have been ‘second-screening’ in front of their televisions since the earliest laptops. But without understanding specifics of this behavior, marketers often have trouble taking targeted action.

Four years ago in South Africa, The Beautiful Game saw breakthrough scale of its global mobile audience, and new data on their behavior.

1. Mobile internet usage (and engagement with mobile advertising) increases while TV commercials are on during matches. Mobile engagement numbers saw spikes during ad breaks and half time. This is a great time to reach this audience.

2. Momentum on mobile is high even before and after the match. In fact, engagement peaks after the end of the match. This indicates that consumers are looking beyond TV for content at these times. Do look at engaging users during these periods.

3. Football fans are not restricting themselves to only sports content while second screening during a match. Mobile News & Entertainment saw 57% higher browsing activity. Targeting content verticals is not as important as targeting audiences and their context.

4. As for the type of mobile advertising they’re most responsive to, 33% say they want to watch ads that are entertaining and creative. Only 17% say the relevancy of the advertising is important (source: ‘2014 World Cup: A Global Mobile Perspective’ by the IAB). So bring out all your creative firepower (and think outside football, too) to engage consumers with advertising that they like and are responsive to.

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