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Maximizing Mobile Marketing Opportunity: Key Takeaways from SVAMA's Mobile Marketing Panel

Emily Basileo
5 min read
Posted on July 02, 2014

Last week, the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Marketing Association (SVAMA) invited me to participate on their panel, Mobile Marketing: Creating An Effective Mobile Experience for Your User. I discussed mobile marketing strategy alongside marketing mavens Deborah Kelson, former Senior Director of Mobile and Multichannel Marketing of Walmart eCommerce, and Dave Lawson, Director of Mobile and Digital Unification of Knotice, an IgnitionOne Company. Shannon Ryan, Founder & CEO of ArchetypeDNA, moderated the panel.

Key Takeaways

    1.Marketers need to account for the differences of mobile from other traditional media channels, such as TV and online, yet still incorporate similar elements to create a cohesive multi-channel ad experience. Oftentimes, marketers try to force their traditional strategies into mobile. Although mobile complements other channels, it is its own separate channel and should be treated as such. Marketers most likely wouldn’t air the same exact TV commercial on the radio - instead, they may emphasize individual media attributes, e.g. sound for radio or video for television, but still incorporate many of the same elements, e.g. characters, voice, product slogan, to develop a cohesive multi-channel experience. The same goes for mobile. Examples of mobile properties to consider are physical attributes, e.g. screen sizes or touchscreen capabilities; usage context, e.g. while commuting or while at home; and connectivity.

    2.Mobile is highly personalized; customization is essential to designing an engaging mobile experience. When crafting a mobile strategy, marketers need to understand how their consumers are using mobile in every day life and how consumers are using mobile specifically to help them shop for certain products or services. Marketers should also understand what consumers expect of their ads. Using this information, marketers can create specially targeted and relevant ad experiences to their consumers. For example, we noticed a correlation between car preference and ad preference, and we also noticed a correlation between car preference and mobile content consumption. In this instance, marketers can target vehicle-specific ads to the sites most frequented by their consumers

    3.Before designing creatives, marketers should identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and optimize their campaigns against these metrics. This will determine how successfully they view their strategies and how they then optimize their campaigns. Sample KPIs include (but are not limited to): in-ad behavioral metrics, e.g. engagement rate, dwell time, and link-out rate;cost metrics, e.g. cost-per-acquisition (CPA), cost-per-download (CPD), and revenue-per-dollar spent; and standard brand metrics, e.g. brand lift, purchase intent and message association.

    4.Mobile marketing is evolving. From geo-fencing to native advertising, the possibilities are limitless. Stay ahead of the curve and up-to-date on emerging technologies and trends.

In short: Optimize! Optimize! Optimize! Marketers should optimize their strategies to mobile devices. Marketers should optimize their ad experiences to their consumers’ preferences. And marketers should optimize their campaigns to meet and exceed their KPIs. Keeping these points in mind, marketers can maximize their opportunities on mobile.

About the Author

Emily has always had an inquisitive mind and an active imagination. Her imagination told her that she was a superhero. Although Emily never developed the ability to fly, she spread her wings and left her hometown to study at NYU. Emily’s adventures eventually led her to San Francisco, where she joined the AppGalleries family and excelled as the Director of Operations. In 2012, InMobi acquired AppGalleries, and Emily was absorbed into the Strategy & Operations team. Today, Emily thrives on the Global Insights team, pondering marketing’s big questions, identifying trends, and crafting actionable strategies. Ever the optimist, Emily still hopes to fly – she has a cape.

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