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#GamesPeoplePlay - S01E01

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on August 01, 2014

GamesPeoplePlay is a mobile game deathmatch tournament to decide what InMobi’s favourite game is. Every episode features two games squaring off against each other. InMobians play these games and decide which one is better. This continues till a winner is crowned. Oh, and we get to have a ton of fun while doing so!

Episode 1: Agent Dash vs Skyline Skaters

This first episode of #GamesPeoplePlay features the suave Agent Dash taking on the funky Skyline Skaters. Who will cross the line first in this endless run? Read on to find out!

But first a look at our players.

photo 1 (3).JPG photo 2 (1).JPG

In the left corner- Ramprakash, Product Manager, ex-game designer and comic book geek. Also, happens to be terrible at endless-runner games. In the opposing corner we have Aksha, Product Marketing Manager and mobile-gamer extraordinaire. She has bragging rights to the highest Flappy Bird score within InMobi.

The gamers played both games on a work day (while maintaining productivity of course!) and then rated them. Some of our team meetings looked something like this:

(© 20th Century Fox)

Aksha and Ram proved to be real troopers, sometimes even forsaking their lunch and coffee breaks to take up this challenge.

photo 1 (1).JPG photo 1 (2).JPG

Ram looks to Mario for inspiration while Aksha’s lunch is unattended to

Head to Head

They answered the following questions about the two games:

1. Which game was the better stress buster?

Aksha: " Both games did a stand-up job of keeping the stress at bay. Skyline Skaters' bright colours evoke happy thoughts but I'll have to cast my vote for Agent Dash here purely because of the spy-movie inspired background music."

Ram: "Hmm. Tough choice here. I played both games rather extensively during the day so I'll call it even"

Agent Dash 1, Skyline Skaters 0. Agent Dash sneakily pokes its nose in front, in this category.

2. Which game had the best dressed characters?

Aksha: “You had me at Secret Agent. The suit and bowtie is really crisp and the jetpack is a cool addition. Also, i looove what Retro Goodtug wears.”

Ram: “Skyline Skaters has some colourful characters that really bring the game alive. The characters really complement the backdrop especially the Brazilian favelas in the World Cup edition.”

Nothing between the two in this category we’re afraid. The sartorial choices made by the developers in both games are spot-on. Agent Dash 2, Skyline Skaters 1.


3. Which of the two games had the best In-App Purchases (IAP)?

Aksha: “Agent Dash for sure. You can play as The Queen! Who wouldn’t want to play as The Queen evading lasers and jumping over fallen trees, while wearing an adorable dress and carrying a handbag. Oh and she has a crown too!”

Ram: “Have to agree with Aksha on this one. The other unlockable characters’ take inspiration from pop-culture like Austin Powers, Oddjob and Goldfinger. Classic! You can also buy jetpacks, slow-mo boosts and invisibility cloaks”

Agent Dash unanimously wins this round with their mix of pop-culture inspired unlockable characters and utilitarian boosts.

Final Score: Agent Dash 3, Skyline Skaters 1.

The Winner

So there we have it folks. The results are in and Agent Dash edges out Skyline Skaters. While Skyline Skaters had a lot going for it, Agent Dash's sheen coupled with the game's sense of fun proved to be the decisive factors.

It also helped that Aksha posted a massively high score on Agent Dash


As for Ram, the lesser said the better. He was last seen looking deeply dejected about not having posted anything resembling a high score.

So Agent Dash lives another day. Stay tuned for episode 2 of #GamesPeoplePlay.


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