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Using Mobile Advertising to Ketch-up with Modern Grocery Buyers

Emily Basileo
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Posted on August 14, 2014

Everyone needs to eat – so it comes as no surprise that 95% of users on our UK network plan to buy groceries within the next 30 days. Here at InMobi, we wanted to understand just how our UK consumers are using their mobile devices to help them shop for groceries and ultimately how advertisers can best reach them. Our newest study, The Rising Role of Mobile for UK Modern Grocery Buyers, attempts to answer these questions.

Modern Grocery Buyers

Practically everyone is in the market to purchase groceries soon. That being said, Mobile Grocery Buyers – mobile consumers who intend to purchase groceries within the next 90 days – share similar mobile habits as other users on the UK network; Modern Grocery Buyers enjoy playing games and perusing social media sites just as much as the next person. Knowing this, retail grocery advertisers can use mobile to engage with their consumers through multiple mobile touch points. Advertisers can also leverage mobile as part of a multi-media campaign strategy – most Modern Grocery Buyers turn to mobile for more information after seeing or hearing ads on other media channels.

Digital Window Shoppers

These days, mobile consumers use their mobile devices to research anything and everything. With easy and convenient access to information, Modern Grocery Buyers can decide where to shop without even leaving their homes. Our research shows that 2 out of 3 Modern Grocery Buyers do use mobile to research grocery and grocery store information – most often to learn about and compare prices, promotions and discounts. Especially during these instances, we can guess that consumers are still in “deciding-more” – and not quite committed to a specific product or grocer. And digital window-shopping doesn't end here.

Not only are Modern Grocery Buyers using mobile to decide where to shop but they’re also using in stores – while they are shopping. Showrooming has been a point of discussion in the past, particularly when thinking about large purchases, such as cars and electronics, but now consumers are even Showrooming while shopping for groceries – and 29% of them are looking for better prices ELSEWHERE.

Although mobile Showrooming may be a pain point for many retail grocers, advertisers can still use mobile to their advantage. 1 out of 3 Modern Grocery Buyers have downloaded an official grocery store app – and adoption is high. In fact, 61% of Modern Grocery Buyers who have downloaded a store app use it regularly or sometimes.

Another way retail grocers and advertisers can leverage mobile is by providing special deals to consumers. As we noted earlier, Modern Grocery Buyers are most interested in prices, promotions and discounts – offering mobile coupons is a great way to attract consumers to nearby stores AND get them to make purchases. Our study shows that 55% of Modern Grocery Buyers who are aware of mobile discounts and offers do use these promotions through their devices.

Want more?

Modern Grocery Buyers use mobile throughout the entire purchase process. Download our full study to learn how advertisers can leverage mobile to:

    ·Drive customers to their stores

    ·Persuade consumers to buy their products

    ·Retain customers by maintaining a constant mobile presence

Download the full presentation here

Download the infographic here

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