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#GamesPeoplePlay - S01E02

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on August 15, 2014

GamesPeoplePlay is a mobile-game deathmatch tournament to decide what InMobi’s favourite game is. Every episode features two games squaring off against each other. InMobians play these games and decide which one is better. This continues till a winner is crowned. Oh, and we get to have a ton of fun while doing so!

Episode 2: BREAKFINITY vs Smash Hit

Work is play and we love our mobile games. But work can also be stressful at times - looking at hundreds of lines of code, or massive Excel sheets takes its toll on even the toughest among us. Sometimes even we puny humans want to unleash our inner Hulk and smash things.


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Here’s where mobile games help though. While some games can be rage-inducingly difficult (read: Flappy anything) some can have a calming effect akin to listening to the sounds of nature on a sunny morning.

The second episode of #GamesPeoplePlay features two such stress-busting games. BREAKFINITY squares off against Smash Hit. We asked BizDev boss Tom Bishop and proficient Partner Manager Sebastian Totté to play these games at the end of their work days and then asked them few questions.

photo 2 (3).JPG 2014-08-08 10.24.56 copy.jpg

L: Tom is all focus and concentration as he tries to top his BREAKFINITY score.
R: Sebastian unwinds over a game of Smash Hit.

Head to Head

Here’s how the two games stacked up:

1. Which game is a better stress-buster?

Sebastian: Smash Hit. Throwing steel balls at crystal objects (in the game of course!) is as much a stress-reliever as popping bubble-wrap.

Tom: Smash Hit all the way.

Clear winner here. Smash Hit 1, BREAKFINITY 0.

2. Which of the two games has better sound-effects?

Sebastian: Smash Hit’s Zen-like tecnho-sounds really hit the spot.

Tom: The sounds in BREAKFINITY remind me of the good ol’ Nintendo days. Yay for nostalgia!

Neck and neck in the sound department. 2-1 to Smash Hit.


3. On a scale of 1 to The Hulk, how would you rate the two games?

Sebastian: I’d give BREAKFINITY a mild-mannered 6. The breaking is subtle and I like it, but I prefer Smash Hit’s sense of destruction. So will give it a 8.

Tom: BREAKFINITY would be a 6. But Smash Hit is a solid 8 - it's got great graphics and music, and is quite original on the iPhone.

Smash Hit sweeps this round and the match 3-1. No Florida recount needed here. Tom managed an impressive high score of 3620 in Smash Hit. Impressively adequate that is.

photo (1).PNG

The Winner

Smash Hit goes into Hulk Smash mode and wins this match-up comfortably. Now if only The Hulk could play these games on a phone.

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