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Sonia Abraham
5 min read
Posted on September 12, 2014

GamesPeoplePlay is a mobile-game deathmatch tournament to decide what InMobi’s favourite game is. Every episode features two games squaring off against each other. InMobians play these games and decide which one is better. This continues till a winner is crowned. Oh, and we get to have a ton of fun while doing so!

Episode 5: Agent Dash vs Aerox

#GamesPeoplePlay is all about, well, games. So, what better than a good, old-fashioned boxing match to determine who goes to the final and who doesn’t? Cue music!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first semi-final of #GamesPeoplePlay! In the red corner, hailing from from Full Fat Games, we have Agent Dash. And his opponent in the blue corner, from Synoptical Studios, it’s Aerox.

Agent Dash is a gorgeous endless-runner game where you control the main character by swiping. In the mesmerising world of Aerox, you control a 3D rolling ball by tilting your phone.

Presiding over this week’s match are two eminent referees: Amit ‘D’ Deshpande, Head of UI and UX at InMobi and Amit ‘X’ Gupta, Global Head of Marketing, InMobi.


Amit D (left) and Amit X begin trying out both games while inanimate Super Mario characters observe them.

The fight’s about to begin. Folks, hold on to your ring-side seats, and please refrain from behaving like an excited feline pugilist.


Head To Head

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Q1: Which game kept you playing for longer?

D: Aerox. There’s something mystical and enchanting about that beautiful, rolling globule. As a 3D puzzle, it’s just eerily disorienting and gripping at the same time! It’s got Child of Eden colours: psychedelic and ambient. You’re cradling that rolling fragility and suddenly, you are not your physical phone anymore - phew!

X: Hmmm. In Aerox, I want to keep going back and replaying levels to get a better time. Agent Dash is also a great spin on the endless runner genre. No, I can’t choose.


Aerox comes out fighting and catches Agent Dash slightly off guard.

This round: Aerox, 1 - Agent Dash, 0.5

Q2: Which game has more ‘swag’?

D: Ah, tough one. Aerox is classy, glassy, and smooth. But the many, funky characters of Agent Dash give it some extra swag. Dash reminds of Johnny-Bravo-meets-Bond’s-sartorial tuxedo-donned-avatar-in-toonland. Why the *beep* does he have to die so soon (or am I just clumsy as M’s passing orders).

X: I think the 007-esqueness of Agent Dash gets it my vote.


This round: Aerox, 0 - Agent Dash, 1

This is turning out to be a great match! After initial hiccups, Agent Dash is fighting back, and is in the lead!

The score till now: Aerox, 1 - Agent Dash, 1.5

Q3: Which game has better graphics?

D: Aerox! It looks simple enough, but the detail is amazing. The shadows and reflections are superb.

X: Both of them have stunning graphics. Agent Dash is sharp and funky, while Aerox is sublime. For sheer brilliance, I’m going to say Aerox.

This round: Aerox, 1 - Agent Dash, 0

The Winner

Aerox takes the final round and the match and rolls into the final.

The final score: Aerox, 2 - Agent Dash, 1.5

That’s all for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve enjoyed having you here and you’ve been a great audience. Do come back for more sporting action when #GamesPeoplePlay returns next week with the second semi-final.

Hope you knock yerselves out playing some great games!

Errr...not like this.

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