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Have you begun thinking about native for mobile? Fill out this brief survey.

Rick Jones
5 min read
Posted on September 12, 2014

Anyone who has been following InMobi has certainly heard our frequent discussions of native advertising. Since launching the Native Ads Platform at the beginning of 2014, we have seen brand advertisers, game developers, and publishers of all stripes move convincingly towards native.

This should not be surprising as native advertising on mobile has now been shown to significantly increase engagement rates. In fact, research from campaigns run over the InMobi network indicates an eight-fold increase in engagement over standard mobile display ads. Additionally, viewership typically increases by as much as 150% over banner ads.

Now as we get closer to Advertising Week in New York we’d love to know how advertisers are thinking about mobile native. We’re asking you to fill out this short survey so we can better understand what you currently make of the challenges and opportunities of mobile native advertising.

We’ll look forward to sharing the results during Advertising Week!

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