The InMobi Chameleon Award For Excellence In Native Advertising Goes To Google Maps And Essence

Posted on October 15, 2014
By Chetan Raghav

A couple of weeks ago we introduced the InMobi Chameleon Award for Excellence in Native Advertising, at the MMA Smarties 2014. Well the jury is out, and the award goes to...(drumroll please)... Google Maps and Essence for the "Google Maps App QuizUp Campaign"!.

The campaign was lauded for the unique placement of their native ads in the QuizUp app for users to compete and answer geography questions using Google Maps imagery. The native advertising campaign was designed to drive brand awareness, engagement, and app downloads (at the end of the game, users were prompted to download Google Maps). Check out the awesome campaign video:

The campaign was beautifully crafted to tap into the user's memory of the Google maps imagery. Players were challenged to quickly identify cities, geographic features, historical monuments, and popular landmarks from around the world as the competing factor on the app "Quiz Up". Not only did the campaign check against all boxes on the Native Advertising playbook, it went a step further to create a fun experience for the user.

InMobi's Stephanie Sarofian did the honours of conferring the first ever InMobi Chameleon Award to the winners

The evening was filled with excellent advertising showcases and there were some truly incredible campaigns. We congratulate the winners of the first ever InMobi Chameleon Award, and we encourage more imagiNative advertising!