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We Surveyed Digital Advertising Buyers About Their Mobile Native Plans. Here's What We Found

Chetan Raghav
5 min read
Posted on October 16, 2014

InMobi and Rubicon Project conducted a Survey on Mobile Native Advertising and how brand and agencies are thinking about mobile native advertising. The results are in, and here are some of the key insights we found:

  1. Most (44%) brands and agencies see native advertising as being about adapting to the content, followed by the segment that sees native as the reflection of the user's attributes (22%), and the smaller group that feels that native is an extension of the user's surroundings or the physical environment around him/her.
  2. Data suggests that even though most digital advertising buyers realise that native is going to be an increasingly bigger chunk of their spend in the coming months (70 % want to spend on native in 2015) there seems to be some inertia about moving to native ( 37% will spend in 2014 itself) which is most fuelled by lack of expertise or best practices. However it goes without saying that the inertia is fast wearing off and there is an exodus in digital ad buyers towards native (28% have already spent on it last year).
  3. When asked the modus operandi of mobile native, the vast majority (93%) is inclined towards automation of their native campaigns, which clearly stems from the lack of expertise and know how in the buying of mobile native ads.

The following chart highlights some of the trends, motivations and challenges that advertisers have while considering mobile native:

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