InMobian for Life – Our first alumni networking event

Posted on October 27, 2014
By Kaavya Kasturirangan

Earlier this month, we invited all our San Francisco based alumni to join us for a fun evening of nostalgia and networking. The event was a celebration of our history together. The party was also in recognition of the contribution of every InMobian – current and past - in building InMobi.

Amidst all the fun, it was a great opportunity to soak up the bonhomie and know that InMobi has so many well-wishers within the industry. Likewise, several alumni told me that they were so enthused that InMobi still cares for them and their progress.

And, of course, nobody needs to teach InMobians how to party! Between the great food, awesome drinks and scintillating conversation –the event was a roaring success. We are already gearing up to host the next edition so stay tuned for more!