Global lessons for Indie Developers

Posted on November 05, 2014
By Kaavya Kasturirangan

The world is one large playground. On the app store, more than ever before, game developers are realizing that a well-designed, interesting game can build a loyal fan following outside of their intended markets.

So, what makes countries like Japan and Korea monetize better? Understanding tactics like the Gacha Cards definitely help.

But also to be noted are how Eastern countries are dominated by game play that is more group-based i.e. folks play games that others are playing. This is commonly referred to as the Billboard mentality.

Then, of course, there’s more sponsorship and acceptance of sponsored content within games.

Finally, the depth of game play is huge in these markets even for casual and mid-core games.

The question though is how can these be adapted and adopted in Western markets? Are these really globally imitable? Happy to learn more. Ping me with your thoughts!