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Monetization vs. User- Experience: The winning combination with Playable Ads

Mona Sharma
Senior Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on November 05, 2014

App publishers often face the conundrum of how to monetize through ads without annoying their users. Compromising user experience does bring in those dollars in the short term, but they don’t keep coming in for much longer.

A user may be sticky to your app owing to the short game plays, the long hauls of strategy involved, or simply due to the app’s utility. However, if your user is forced to interact with an ad, eventually taking him away from the game, chances are that the stickiness will not last long. In our experience of working with many of the world’s most successful publishers; making money comes down to a short mantra - keep the user engaged and happy.

Mobile advertising has matured considerably from the era of just banners to recent innovations like native advertising, video ads, and rewarded ads. Even though each format engages users the best at different points of time in a game, a constant need to engage the users in his or her natural element is felt.

And what is the natural element of a gamer?


Why, playing a game, of course!

Introducing Playable Ads, an ad format that truly addresses the form-element question. These are 20 to 40 second interactive ads that allow gamers to test–drive a gaming app before downloading it. Playable Ads can be made even more effective in the monetization of your app, if coupled with the right placement of the ad in your app, like, engaging users when they are about to exit the app, or when a user is stuck at a level, to name a few.

Here is what a Playable Ad experience is like

Before you get into the burgeoning world of new ad formats, here are few pointers on what a playable ad offers:

  1. Let gamers be gamers: A playable ad engages users in their element, and let them do what they love the best: PLAY.
  2. Informed decisions lead to higher LTV users: As a publisher, you enable your user to make an informed decision, thereby encouraging the responsible advertising without letting your real estate get misused by over-promising marketing gimmicks.
  3. High quality user-experience: All control rests with the user. The user gets to decide to play or not to play an ad. And time constrained game play allows the user to seamlessly transition back to app’s game play from the ad.
  4. Awesome Monetization: Playable Ads deliver up to 275% better performance than traditional ad units since advertisers are willing to pay more for engaged, higher LTV users.

If you are a game developer interested in exploring the Playable Ads experience for your gamers, write to us at playableads@inmobi.com.

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