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Keeping Up With The Kardashians: In The Mobile Ad World!

Mona Sharma
Senior Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on November 20, 2014

The Kardashians are certainly keeping it up in the mobile gaming world. Earning $700K a day, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (KKH) runs on the classic social mechanic of role-playing. With virtual Kim guiding you at every step, you enter the game with an E-list status and a mandate to climb up the ladder of stardom and attain nirvana when you become an A-list celebrity. A minion like me (an E-lister) can only dream about being an A-list celebrity, but a few did have the courage (and money) to do so!

There have been other successful role playing games like Campus Life from Pocket Gems and Glam Fever from Stardoll AB etc, but KKH’s meteoric rise to popularity and expeditious monetization is what has intrigued me deeply and made me ponder over its monetization strategy.Here are the top four monetization tips that KKH has to offer to all the developers:

Tip 1: Thou Shalt Make In-App Purchases Innate

In the KKH world, you need a good mix of soft and hard currency to progress in the game.

  • There are two forms of currency that work: K stars and virtual cash. With soft currency, K stars, a gamer can buy dresses, make-up, accessories, bus rides, and so on. This currency can be accumulated by completing tasks, but in the course of the game it becomes more and more difficult to do so. This is where the in-app purchase (IAP) comes in handy. The super-glued gamer now has the option of making quick purchases via hard money.



  • Apart from tightly coupled IAPs, KKH also offers honey traps in the form of prompted deals that coax the gamer to spend soft currency to quickly rise up the ladder of fame.


IAPs placed at the right spots, and at the right intervals, have become an integral part of the game.

Tip 2: Thou Shalt Not Say No to Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ads: Folks like me who are averse to spending hard cash also have a chance to earn those elusive K stars, albeit at a slower pace. The Get Free Cash option allows you to earn quick bucks by watching video ads


This option has personally propelled me to level 5.

  • Static Interstitials: These interstitials are aptly placed in-between tasks, giving the user the option to discover new games.


  • App Wall: Another game-discovery option that the gamer has is to browse through other games in the More Games > Options section.


Putting tasteful ads at the right stages in the game has helped KKH monetize the emotional state of the gamer extremely well.

Tip 3: Thou Shalt Serve the Underserved

KKH has managed to open the Pandora’s box of women gamers. It has made them spend, and spend huge! This game serves the underserved section of non-casual women gamers, and has been able to tap the market beautifully. Without forming stereotypes, what Clash of Clans is to men, KKH is slowly becoming to women.

Tip 4: Thou Shalt Create a Konspiracy

And of course, none of this was possible without the golden girl herself,Kim Kardashian. Be it reality TV, coffee table books, fragrances, or apparel, you name it, she’s got the knack to mint truck loads of money out of it. The ultimate brand maven has managed to bring in *The Selfie Moment* to mobile gaming.

Today, KKH is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Clash of Clans and the Candy Crush Saga!

And the bug hasn’t just bitten the ”Dolls”! Our very own Ad Experiences Product Manager, Joshua (Avatar moniker, he doesn’t want his identity revealed until and unless he becomes an A-lister), has been spending past few days tenaciously choosing the right outfit for himself, and climbing up the ladders of stardom. His tryst to become a hollywood celebrity has made him a D-lister already!

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