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InMobi Strategically Partners with MMA

Stacey Lee
5 min read
Posted on February 16, 2015

Drum roll, please…. InMobi’s own Stephanie Sarofian has been appointed to the Mobile Marketing Association North American Board! At InMobi, we’re thrilled to have Stephanie represent us and raise the bar for women in mobile across the globe. Stephanie was selected for her stellar industry leadership and ability to accelerate and transform marketing through mobile. We at InMobi are especially stoked to work with the MMA and other board members from top brands and agencies to bring mobile to the forefront this year.

In mobile, there are so many questions regarding how native on mobile can be offered at scale and how that makes sense for marketers. Advertisers also have tons of questions about dealing with issues related to sponsored content.

MMA being a global leader in all things mobile, decided to create the Mobile Native Advertising Committee to answer these questions within the Mobile ecosystem. InMobi teams up with MMA to promote a common framework, educate marketers and publishers about the benefits and best practices, and grow the global market for this emerging display format.

Join us for a webinar on February 18th, 2015 to review the current state of mobile native advertising with examples from the committee’s founding members including Yahoo, InMobi, Electronic Arts and Sharethrough. From there we’ll explore the challenges and multiple paths forward to bring mobile native advertising into the mainstream.

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