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Sport The Right Messaging This March Madness

Niveditha Viswanathan
Product Marketing Manager, InMobi Exchange
5 min read
Posted on February 24, 2015

Reach the right user, with Bluekai segments on InMobi Exchange.

Spring is almost here, though it might not feel like it yet. With spring, comes much awaited March Madness - with office pools and brackets keeping interest sky-high. As our college teams put on their sporting gear, InMobi Exchange (IX) and BlueKai sport the right audience segments for brand advertisers.

InMobi Exchange offers well defined, curated, and customized audience segments, powered by BlueKai. These audience segments are adapted for all key calendar events, including March Madness. Our audience segments on IX offer a targeted path to reach consumers with intent and brand affinity; efficiently and at scale.

This March Madness, target specific audiences along with gamified ads that treat fans to their own mobile challenge.

March madness image-01-01.png

Since we’ve enabled BlueKai audience segments on InMobi Exchange, we’ve witnessed strong interest from buyers. More than 50% of BlueKai audience segments have generated programmatic deals. With the coming of Spring and various events, BlueKai segments will continue to garner interest and show strong performance. In addition, InMobi can further customize BlueKai audience segments for specific campaign objectives.

Interested in truly scoring with your advertising this season? Reach us at programmatic@inmobi.com

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