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This Mother’s Day, Mum's NOT The Word For Brands

Sonia Abraham
5 min read
Posted on April 23, 2015

Marketers, don't stay silent this Mother's Day! With the third-biggest shopping event of the year coming up, read on to learn how you can connect with customers and make mothers all over the world happy - the perfect win-win.

The Opportunity

Welcome to Anytown, Mystate. It’s the last week of April and many Anytownians - sons, daughters, and even husbands - have got Mother’s Day on their minds. Some already know what they’re getting their mums (they’ve been planning it since December), some head to their favourite e-commerce store, and the remaining surf the internet in search of the perfect gift. And all Anytownians have one thing in common: they love their mobile phones and tablets. In fact, 75% of them own at least one smartphone or tablet, and at least 60% plan to use their device to research or purchase something for mum.

How the Marketers Reached the Audience

Brand marketers know these trends. They also know that last Mother’s Day saw a whopping 169% increase in shopping on smartphones and a 57% increase in tablet-based shopping. They note Anytownians’ increasing affinity towards mobile based shopping and create personas to precisely target them. And real Anytownians line up perfectly with the audience personas the marketers create.

Targeting Female Young Adults who Love Gift Certificates

  • The Marketers target women between 18 and 25 years old who made less than $25,000 annually and have been known to buy gift certificates using e-commerce apps.
  • Cathy, 21, works the cashier at Anytown’s largest supermarket. The majority (53%) of Anytownians her age will most probably get their mother’s gift certificates. During her lunch break, Cathy sees an ad from a retailer, opens the app on her phone, and buys her mum a gift certificate for $40.

Targeting High-Value Shoppers on Brand Apps

  • Another persona that the marketers target is married men over 50 who earned more than $150,000 per year and were known to shop on high-end Brand apps.
  • Nathan, 57, manages the city’s biggest bank. His kids work in different cities and he wants to do something nice for his wife. Nathan is among the 44% of good-guy husbands who get their wives something for Mother’s Day. Interestingly, more than 63% of the Anytownian male population prefer taking their mothers or wives for a special outing to buying them earrings, electronics, or any other gift. An excellent match for the target persona, Nathan sees an add on his iPhone for a Mother’s Day special dinner at a fancy French restaurant and promptly buys it.

Targeting Consumers Who Showed High Preference for Specific Brands

  • The marketers specifically target men who have shown a preference for high-end jewellery apps.
  • Cathy’s brother, Liam, who is 32 and works in a tech company, plans to splurge and get their mum something fancy for Mother’s Day. Last December, Liam used the a high-end jewelry store’s app to buy his girlfriend a necklace for Christmas. Liam sees an add from the same store offering a 50% Mother’s Day discount on earrings. He buys a gorgeous pair of blue-green hoops in just three clicks.

If the Marketers at Anytown Can Do it, So Can You!

InMobi, like the specialists in Anytown, can help your brand through high-impact, rich media executions with precise targeting this Mother’s Day. Email brand@inmobi.com for more details.

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