Leverage The Power Of IX Supply On Mobile

Posted on April 13, 2015
By Niveditha Viswanathan, Product Marketing Manager, InMobi ExchangeProduct Marketing Manager, InMobi Exchange

InMobi Exchange (IX) is now truly global, with the recent launch in emerging markets and a strong presence in North America and Europe. IX, with its partner Rubicon Project, brings the best of supply and demand efficiency in programmatic buying.

IX has ~1.3 bn daily ad requests, with 35% coming from NA. The supply represents premium publishers across key verticals such as News, Social, Sports, Entertainment; bringing supply diversity as well as global reach to advertisers. This suite of premium publishers are enabled for all mobile ad formats, with > 80% supporting video. Advertisers also have the advantage of knowing details of each ad placement, as 90% of IX supply is transparent

Additionally, publsihers on IX support both Open Exchange as well Private Deals(Deal IDs). A recent Rich Media Interstitial campaign that ran through Deal IDs saw a very healthy CTR of 24%. More publishers are being on-boarded to InMobi Exchange everyday, with a full additional potential of 1.5 Bn across Video and Native; and 1.3 Bn in APAC.

To know more, please reach out to programmatic@inmobi.com