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Leverage The Power Of IX Supply On Mobile

Niveditha Viswanathan
Product Marketing Manager, InMobi Exchange
5 min read
Posted on April 13, 2015

InMobi Exchange (IX) is now truly global, with the recent launch in emerging markets and a strong presence in North America and Europe. IX, with its partner Rubicon Project, brings the best of supply and demand efficiency in programmatic buying.

IX has ~1.3 bn daily ad requests, with 35% coming from NA. The supply represents premium publishers across key verticals such as News, Social, Sports, Entertainment; bringing supply diversity as well as global reach to advertisers. This suite of premium publishers are enabled for all mobile ad formats, with > 80% supporting video. Advertisers also have the advantage of knowing details of each ad placement, as 90% of IX supply is transparent

Additionally, publsihers on IX support both Open Exchange as well Private Deals(Deal IDs). A recent Rich Media Interstitial campaign that ran through Deal IDs saw a very healthy CTR of 24%. More publishers are being on-boarded to InMobi Exchange everyday, with a full additional potential of 1.5 Bn across Video and Native; and 1.3 Bn in APAC.

To know more, please reach out to programmatic@inmobi.com

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