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InMobi Exchange brings rich, engaging and advanced advertising formats to programmatic channels

Niveditha Viswanathan
Product Marketing Manager, InMobi Exchange
5 min read
Posted on June 05, 2015

InMobi, the world’s most powerful mobile advertising platform, is advancing the world of mobile programmatic buying, by enabling video and native formats on the InMobi Exchange. This brings the world of rich, engaging and customer-centric advertising formats to programmatic channels; thereby creating the best blend of efficiency and engagement. The InMobi Exchange offers over 21,000 fully transparent apps; with over 7800 quality Native apps. Over 40% of total supply on InMobi Exchange is now powered by Native and Video enabled supply.

With the industry now adopting Interactive Advertising Bureau's OpenRTB 2.3 standard for native ads and full screen VAST, programmatic buying of native and video inventory can now be done efficiently and at scale. This creates opportunities for advertisers as well as publishers, to offer mobile ads that is blended well into user context. Consumers too will benefit from mobile-friendly ads that are organic to, and seamlessly integrated with, their small-screen experience.

In order to scale native and video ad campaigns on mobile, programmatic buying becomes a key ingredient. It ensures these advanced format campaigns can be traded easily; while enriching with data and insights.

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